Course Descriptions: educ

Educ103 Introduction to Education 3 hours

A comprehensive, collaborative and reflective study of K-12 educational issues. Includes educational philosophies and history of education, teaching strategies and theories, working with diverse student populations, assessment, cooperative learning and other relevant issues. Includes 20 hours of field experience with placement in nearby schools. Students will examine issues from a pre-professional educator perspective and create a personal educational portfolio to use in their career. Assists students in making an informed decision about their educational career.

Educ104 Field Experience 1 hour

Builds upon EDUC 103 and provides opportunity for students to experience K-12 education first hand. The instructor places students in local schools for 30 hours of observation and interaction. In class and small-group discussions during weekly class sessions students reflect upon school experiences and discuss such topics as classroom climate, lesson design and behavior management. Prerequisite: EDUC 103.

Educ204 Introduction to Children’s Literature 3 hours

Same as ENGL 204. An introduction to a wide variety of literature written for children and adolescents. This course will explore how children’s literature authentically and creatively portrays diverse experiences, cultures and values. Students will learn elements of children’s literature, genre, literary analysis and skills for selecting and presenting literature to children both inside and outside of the classroom setting. An Intercultural Competence general education course.

Educ210 Diverse Learners 3 hours

A comprehensive, collaborative and reflective study of educating diverse learners in the K-12 classroom. Includes intensive study and understanding of many diversities, including cultural and linguistic diversity, learning disabilities, autism and behavior disorders among others. Discusses laws and legislation as well as Response to Intervention tiers and strategies. Educ 210 is designed to prepare future educators to welcome, appreciate, understand and accommodate all types of diversity in their classrooms. Students will examine issues from a pre-professional educator perspective. Prerequisite: EDUC 103. A Critical Thinking general education course.

Educ275 Field Experience in Early Childhood Education 2 to 4 hours

Provides the opportunity to participate as an assistant teacher in the preschool program at Hesston College Preschool. Students apply principles and techniques to plan, implement and evaluate a curriculum that facilitates children’s learning. Students develop skills in child observation, classroom management, teamwork, relating with families, meeting specific needs of children and leadership. The ratio of work hours to credit hours is at least 60:1.

Educ287 Cooperative Education 1 to 3 hours

See details under Special Courses - Individualized Experiential Learning in the Academic Life section of the catalog.