Academic Records and Transcript Requests, Appeal Procedure

Academic Records and Transcript Requests

The registrar’s office is custodian of all academic records.Transcripts are available upon written request through the National Student Clearinghouse, email from the student’s email on file or in person through a signed form. The request should include the name used while attending Hesston, birthdate, dates of attendance, current phone number and mailing address and complete instructions for processing and mailing the transcript. Transcripts are issued only after all financial obligations to the college have been fulfilled and all chapel attendance requirements have been met.

Appeal Procedure

A student is guaranteed the right to appeal decisions regarding their academic record or status if

  • the decision was unreasonably disproportionate to the infraction,
  • policies and procedures that affect the student’s right to receive a fair decision were not followed,
  • the decision was not supported by evidence,
  • new evidence has become available.

Concerns about grades or other course related issues should be discussed first with the instructor or department involved. If unresolved, a formal appeal may then be submitted in writing to the academic dean. An appeal of a final grade must be submitted no later than 30 days after the final grade has been submitted.

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