Frequently Asked Questions

women's dorm room in Erb Hall

Questions about living in the dorms

Do all students live on campus?

Most students live on campus and it’s required for all students 22 years of age or younger unless they live with their immediate families.

How do I get a roommate?

Our residence life staff will work with your admissions counselor to assign a roommate for you or you can choose your own. Hesston’s admissions counselors learn to know prospective students at a personal level and have insight into the personalities of students who plan to attend Hesston. You will also fill out a housing application that asks about your preferences about things like what time you like to go to bed or if you like to study with music/TV. Our goal is to provide you with an excellent experience and that includes matching you with someone with whom you can live comfortably and will also help you to grow.

What if I don’t get along with my roommate?

We will work with you first to resolve conflicts. This may include mediation, if necessary. If reconciliation is beyond the possible, we’ll work with you to arrange another option.

How big are the rooms?

Rooms in Erb Hall are approximately 12′ x 15′. Rooms in Kauffman Court are approximately 11′ x 13′. Here’s how they laid out: Kauffman Court, Erb Hall east, Erb Hall central and west.

Do I need to bring my own linens? What size are the beds?

Yes, you will need to bring your own linens including a mattress pad. The beds are extra long twin beds. Mattresses are approximately 36 inches wide by 80 inches long and 8 inches thick.

What else should I bring with me?

Towels, blankets, clothes hangers, wastepaper basket, alarm clock and pillow. Items that are useful but not required include a sleeping bag, bicycle, iron, laundry basket, bedspread or quilt, and personal items to make your room feel like home. While a computer isn’t required, it is recommended. (For information on connecting to the campus computer network, Internet, etc., see the IT FAQ for students.)

What can’t I bring with me?

Halogen lamps; guns of any sort (BB, paintball, firearm); pets (other than fish); fireworks or explosive devices; alcohol, illegal drugs, and items pertaining to alcohol or illegal drugs (including empty bottles or cans); microwave ovens, electric grills, immersion heaters (deep-fat fryers), popcorn poppers, hot plates or burners, water heaters/hot pots, crock pots, rice cookers, toasters and toaster ovens; electric heaters; ceiling fans or other similar items. The full list is available in the residence life section of the Student Handbook.

Do the dorms have cooking facilities?

Each mod (what is a mod? see below) is equipped with a microwave. You may keep a single serve Keurig type coffee maker and/or a small refrigerator in your room. Beyond that, cooking is not allowed in the rooms.

What is a mod?

Hesston’s dorms are broken into smaller units called mods (for modular living units). Each mod consists of five to eight dorm rooms housing nine to fifteen students. The college appoints a resident assistant to lead each mod, to serve as a communication link between students and the resident director, to direct mod activities during the year, and to assist the administration in the enforcement of college policies. Your mod will become a core group of friends even if just for getting a pizza and watching a football game on a Sunday afternoon. Each mod has mod parents–a local, usually faculty or staff family that gets together with the mod on campus and supports students in various ways during the school year.

Are the dorms coed?

No. Men reside in Kauffman Court and certain sections of Erb Hall. Women reside in other, separate sections of Erb Hall. In addition Hesston College has established what we call “Open House Hours” during which men may visit the women’s dorms and women may visit the men’s dorms.

When do students move into the dorms?

Students may move into the dorms on the Friday afternoon of Opening Weekend in mid to late August, though some (members of fall athletic teams, Bel Canto Singers, ministry assistants, aviation students, students participating in the Jump Start program, first-year international students) come earlier. Students who begin their Hesston studies in spring term move into the dorms in early to mid January.

Where are the laundry facilities?

Each dorm has free laundry facilities.

Where do students eat?

Boarding students eat in the dining hall in Bontrager Student Center. Off-campus students may also eat in the dining hall at a reduced rate or at the Larks Nest, Hesston’s snack shop.

Questions about campus community standards

Is alcohol allowed on campus?

No. Not even empty bottles or cans.

What about firearms?

No. Not even BB guns or paintball guns.

Not that I would or anything but what happens if I break the rules?

Most likely you will find yourself on campus accountability and support (during which another rule violation can mean suspension or dismissal). Some violations carry immediate suspension or dismissal. The Resident Director Council or the Student Development Council will hear the complaint and your response and decide consequences. The vice president of Student Life may choose to offer an option to address violations directly with you.

Other topics

What do students do for fun?

Our Campus Activities Board plans an event each weekend and several special events throughout the year. These include movies, bowling, ice skating, coffee houses and Feast of Carols, Hesston’s Christmas formal. The college also offers intramural athletics and the opportunity for you to compete against other students in volleyball, tennis, racquetball, softball, indoor soccer, floor hockey and basketball. Ultimate Frisbee is a campus tradition. Drubers (a donut shop) and Newell’s (a truck stop) in Newton are favorite late night destinations for Hesston students. Nearby, Wichita offers access to a broad variety of attractions and cultural events including concerts, museums, restaurants, sporting events, and ethnic festivals.

Is there a place on campus that I can work out?

Hesston College has a fitness room with weights and cardio equipment as well as facilities for basketball, volleyball, racquetball, indoor soccer, tennis, and sand volleyball. We also have a great campus for Rollerblading. Dyck Arboretum’s half-mile paved path is great for walking, jogging, or Rollerblading.

If you would like access to additional fitness and strength training equipment, classes and a pool and hot tub, the Hesston Wellness Center at Schowalter Villa offers great facilities at special membership rates for students. It’s just a couple of blocks from campus.

What will my mailing and shipping addresses be while I live on campus?

Postal Address Shipping Address
(student name)
Hesston College
PO Box 3000
Hesston, KS 67062
(student name)
Hesston College
325 S College Dr
Hesston, KS 67062