Cost and Financial Aid

Hesston College’s annual tuition is very reasonable when compared to other schools; in fact our total cost is around 20 percent lower than the national average for private colleges. Our average financial aid package is more than $24,000.

A low percentage of college students nationwide actually pay for their education up front without any financial assistance. Ask anyone. This is no different at Hesston, where 99 percent of our students receive some form of financial aid.

The key is to think of it in terms of value. While the cost of college may initially be a bit of a shock, step back and think about the experience and lifelong advantages a Hesston education provides.

Financial aid comes in many forms, and in many cases our students ultimately pay for only a small percentage of their tuition, and in some cases, don’t have to pay for any of it.

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2021-22 Costs

  • Tuition – $28,524
  • Room and Board – $9,768
  • Technology Fee – $468
  • Total – $38,760

A comprehensive list of Hesston College costs/fees for the 2021-22 year
Estimated costs for international students

This is basically free money, administered by Hesston as well as by outside sources, usually based on academic achievements.
This is more free money, administered by Hesston as well as by outside sources, and is usually based on financial need.
Student Loans
Loans are usually administered by state and federal agencies, as well as private organizations. Student loans must be repaid, but not until after you graduate.
Work Study
These are jobs on campus that will help cover a portion of your tuition costs.
Financial Aid Policies
Refunds, Withdrawals and Satisfactory Academic Progress
Using VA benefits at Hesston College
Business Office
Additional information about financial policies and payment plans

Dori Roth

Director of Financial Aid


Bethany Miller

Associate Director of Financial Aid


And don’t forget to take advantage of our free financial aid counseling services. We’re always happy to talk to you and help you with your questions regarding financial aid. Call us at 620-327-8220 or email Dori Roth, director of financial aid.