The Student Experience

students walking on campus

The student experience at Hesston is much too deep and rich to sum up on a single web page, so here is a glimpse of the many different and distinct aspects of day-to-day life here that intersect in ways that create memories for our students that truly last a lifetime.

Many times when schools refer to student life, they talk about everything except academics. We don’t get that. The relationships you form with your professors and fellow students very much will be an important and memorable part of your daily life here.
Activities and Events
From your first day here and the Mod Olympics, to annual events like Homecoming and Feast of Carols (our Christmas formal), to weekly activities like movie nights and barbecues, to just hanging out with your modmates… each day will bring something new and cool.
Spirituality is at the heart of our mission, and therefore will be a major aspect of your experience with us. You will find a community that welcomes you and your beliefs, and gives you countless outlets and resources to further develop and explore your faith.
Student Groups
Exploring your interests, and discovering new ones, will lead you to new heights of knowledge and skill development. We have dozens of student groups that offer the kind of leadership opportunities that you simply won’t get in your first two years at a four-year institution.
As a student here you will be compelled to give back in a variety of ways—whether it be right here in Hesston or in a different country altogether. Our students travel the world improving the lives of those in need, being friends to local elders, and opening the eyes of children who simply need a positive role model.
You’ll be side-by-side with classmates and professors screaming “Not in Our Meadow!” at the opposing team and supporting your Larks. Then after the game you may find yourself heading to the sand volleyball court for an intramural grudge match of your own.