Accepted Students

Once you’ve been accepted into Hesston College, the real fun begins. You will join a smart, fun-loving and dedicated campus community.

Students move in to Kauffman Court

As the school year approaches, things will likely start to move a little bit faster. So in order to be prepared, there are a number of areas you’ll need to have covered. Some of these things include:

  • Applying for financial aid
  • Sending us your photo
  • Having your high school and any college transcripts sent to us
  • Having your ACT and/or SAT scores sent to us
  • Sending us your $150 deposit
  • Completing your housing application and health form (after March)
  • Registering for classes (after April)
  • Ordering your textbooks and supplies online
  • Familiarizing yourself with the Hesston campus and its surroundings
  • Starting to pack for Opening Weekend in August!

Yes, there’s a lot of organizational mumbo-jumbo that you’ll navigate once you officially become a Hesston student. But it’s not that bad, and believe us, it’s well worth it.

And remember what we said about having such a cool, down-to-earth staff of admissions professionals? We meant that, and they don’t disappear once you’ve been accepted. You can always contact your admission counselor with any question.

The Next Steps