How do I apply for financial aid?

You can complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the following year as early as October 1. This is your application for all federal and state and some institutional financial aid. If you do not plan to apply for federal or state financial aid, you need not complete any forms. Just let the financial aid office know. We will send your financial aid award to you immediately. We begin awarding financial aid in early February.

My parents aren’t helping me with college. Do I have to report their income and assets on the FAFSA?

More than likely your parents will need to include their financial information on the FAFSA unless you are married or will turn 24 by the end of the fall term. The FAFSA includes specific instructions. Your parents may decide they won’t or can’t help you financially. However, the federal government assumes that you and your parents are primarily responsible for paying for your college education and, therefore, requires that you include your parents’ information on the application.

Will I qualify for a Pell Grant?

The federal Pell Grant is the most difficult type of financial aid for which to qualify. Annual income levels, assets, household size and number of family members in college for a family are some of the qualification factors. Keep in mind that if you don’t qualify for the Pell Grant, you still may be eligible for other grants and loans.

What is the maximum amount Hesston College will offer in institutional aid?

The total amount of institutional scholarships and grants is capped at 80% of tuition. Exceeding this cap requires joint approval by the director of financial aid and vice president of enrollment management.

Do I have to pay the total due all at once?

Hesston College offers a variety of payment plans. You can choose a regular or monthly installment payment plan. If you choose the regular plan, you will pay for each semester at the beginning of that semester. If you choose an alternative payment plan, the payments will be divided accordingly. For example, the 12-month plan divides the total due into equal monthly payments with the first due in June and the last due in May of each year you attend. You can select the payment plan that works best for you after you accept your financial aid award.

How do I get a campus job?

The first step is to complete an application to Hesston College. Using your my.Hesston login, choose My Finances. Scroll down to Employment Position Application and click Search Position. You will be able to view and apply for available campus jobs. The employers review the applications and hire workers. Employers base their decisions on the information you provide on the application. You should include previous work experience and specific skills. Priority for campus employment is given to students who qualify for the Federal Work Study funds (determined by completing the FAFSA), who apply in a timely manner and who qualify for the positions we offer.

Contact the Financial Aid Office by email at dori.roth@hesston.edu or call 620-327-8220.

You can also find an excellent source of financial aid information at Finaid.org .