Federal Work-Study

Work-study jobs are jobs on campus that will help cover a portion of your tuition costs. Federal Work-Study eligibility means that you are eligible to receive work-study funds if you are employed on campus. It is NOT a guarantee of a campus job.

Campus jobs vary significantly in the number of hours required per week. Some jobs may only be two hours per week and some may be 15 hours per week. Every attempt is made to give students a job that corresponds to the number of hours they wish to work each week, however, that is not always possible. The hourly wage for most campus jobs during the 2019-20 school year is the current minimum wage – $7.25.

Campus Job Applications are available on the student’s myHesston account. Employers post available jobs on myHesston. Students interested in a particular job must complete an application online for each job they are interested in. Employers review the applications and make final hiring decisions. These decisions are based on the information students provide on the application so it is very important to include previous work experience and your specific skills. The best applicants will get the job. Students are notified by the employer if they will be offered an interview.

Keep in mind priority for hiring on campus is given to Work-Study eligible students, timely applications and qualifications of the applicants.