Hesston Experience

Yes, “experience” is a pretty big word. We know that there are a lot of aspects of college that may be similar no matter where you go. So when we explain what it’s like here, we want to focus on the things that set us apart.

There’s a community here that you just won’t find at other schools. It results from a body of students and faculty who bring a very nurturing, supportive and thoughtful attitude. We know who we are, and we’re comfortable in our own skin (which can be a pretty rare thing among colleges and universities).

There’s an academic setting here that is founded in teaching and learning. While most colleges consider the first two years as something you have to “just get through,” it has been our entire focus for most of the college’s history and our commitment to building strong foundations hasn’t wavered as we have added bachelor’s level programs in nursing, aviation, business and engineering. We have national benchmark scores in areas of learning that position us among the best in the nation.

There are immediate opportunities for living and leadership here because we are such a small, intimate community. With about 400 students, you can take advantage of every student club, organization, activity and team you want. And by living in our mods, you’ll experience residence life like nowhere else in the country.

We have a vibrant spiritual life on campus because we are a Christ-centered community and offer students multiple options for deepening their faith in ways that are meaningful to them. We are affiliated with Mennonite Church USA. At the same time, our small student body represents more than 25 different religious affiliations.