International students reflect on their Hesston Experience

Beemnet TilahunHesston College provided me with the best foundation on which to achieve my career goals, as well as grow spiritually and personally. All of my courses challenged me…. Because I was able to have one-on-one interactions with my Hesston instructors and ask questions, I knew how to study hard at VCU, and I graduated with honors from both my undergraduate and doctorate degree programs.
         – Beemnet Tilahun ’08, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, read more
Redfa TitihalawaThe Hesston Experience is learning about different cultures, backgrounds and religions, which has been a good thing for me. It is learning how to build myself up, how to be myself and create a better future.
         – Redfa Titihalawa ’13, Papua, Indonesia, read more
Irena XhariI have felt very welcome at Hesston from the first day I was on campus – especially when a faculty member gave me flowers. Everyone here is so welcoming and caring and it is the Christian environment that I was very eager to be a part of.
         – Irena Xhari ’16, Lezhë, Albania, read more
Tsega GebruI have a dream to impact the world in a big way. I want to have my own school with a curriculum that teaches students how to think instead of what to think…. Much of my dream’s inspiration comes from Hesston’s faculty who care about students’ opinions and try to get us involved. That model of teaching and caring is something I will take with me. At Hesston, I have been taught a lot about people and personalities, which has helped me love and understand people more.
         – Tsega Gebru ’14, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, read more
Dorothy McPhersonHesston’s nursing program was exactly what I like – it was a challenge. The instructors were no-nonsense and made me work, but they also coached me, encouraged me, supported me and made me feel at home.
         – Dorothy (Gathungu) ’89, McPherson, Nairobi, Kenya, read more
Daniel MoyaHesston is a special place because it brings the world to you with students coming from so many places and cultures and sharing their stories. That kind of exchange has transforming power.
         – Daniel Moya ’08, Mexico City, read more
Sadi OthmanMy classes at Hesston helped me learn how important communication is. I learned to just keep talking with – not shout at – each other. If you disagree, you can still respect others. It takes courage to express yourself in a manner where you try not to hurt the intelligence, feelings or point of view of the person with whom you disagree.
         – Sadi Othman ’93, Jordan, read more
Kelvin FerbiantoI just try to not be shy, start conversations and get involved in different things. I was worried that there would be a language barrier, but people really don’t care about my limited English.
         – Kelvin Ferbianto ’14, Jakarta, Indonesia, read more
Quiet NcubeHesston College molded me and prepared me to live in the United States. The community made it easier to mingle, find my way and be ready to go out and meet the world. If I had been in a big city, it would have been a nightmare.
         – Quiet Ncube ’83, Zimbabwe, who helped seven of his nieces and nephews attend Hesston College read more

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