Programs of Study

At many four-year colleges, your first two years are often treated as an afterthought – classes and course work you simply need to “get out of the way.” Amazing, but true.

At Hesston, those first two years are the heart of what we do. And believe us, they’re no afterthought. As a result, if you pursue one of our associate degrees, you will leave here much more focused, prepared and ready for your future than if you started at a four-year college or university.

We offer more than 50 academic majors and six pre-professional programs including a General Studies major that is great for students whose interests are best served by a custom plan of study. Along with our strong belief in the liberal arts, this general education curriculum will equip you to communicate clearly, think critically and approach life as a socially responsible person of Biblical understanding.

Maybe you haven’t yet decided on a major. Hesston is the perfect place to explore your options. We will work with you to help you find a program that suits your talents, personality, and dreams. Start your journey here.

Don’t see your major here? Contact us to explore what Hesston has to offer.


  • A—Associate Degree Program
  • B—Bachelor’s Degree Program
  • C—Certificate Program