Programs of Study

A college education is an important step in your career path, and at Hesston College we offer a variety of degree programs to help you prepare for your future.

Hesston’s career-focused bachelor’s degree programs equip students with practical knowledge and experience, giving them an advantage in their job search. With four-year programs available in the high-demand fields of aviation, business management, engineering-mechatronics and nursing, Hesston is dedicated to providing students with the necessary skills for a smooth transition from college to the workforce.

In addition to our bachelor’s degree programs, Hesston offers associate degrees in various disciplines. Our two-year programs provide a foundation of knowledge that can be applied to one of our four-year programs or to continue your education elsewhere. Hesston provides many unique opportunities that help students develop leadership skills, gain self-confidence and build relationships.

Maybe you haven’t yet decided on a major. Hesston is the perfect place to explore your options. We will work with you to help you find a program that suits your talents, personality, and dreams. Start your journey here.

Don’t see your major here? Contact us to explore what Hesston has to offer.


  • A—Associate Degree Program
  • B—Bachelor’s Degree Program
  • C—Certificate Program