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Hesston College’s Leadership Certificate program draws on the leadership competencies outlined by the Kansas Leadership Center and the expertise of program faculty to create a well-rounded, holistic curriculum that is customizable to a company’s leadership needs and goals.

Taking management to leadership is about working on the individual. The program teaches leaders to become more in tune with their strengths and vulnerabilities as well as their personality and conflict styles, thereby becoming more effective leaders.

“More programs talk about ‘Here are the five tools we want to give you.’ Because tools make sense. What was lacking in that methodology is understanding how you interact with the tool, how you interact with the people. And that’s something I think Hesston College and their instructors know very well.”
– Lamar Roth, Director of Human Resources, Excel Industries, Inc., Hesston, Kan.

Kansas Leadership Center Principles

Used with permission from the Kansas Leadership Center

  1. Leadership is an activity, not a position.
  2. Anyone can lead, anytime, anywhere.
  3. It starts with you and must engage others.
  4. Your purpose must be clear.
  5. It’s risky.

Leadership competencies:

  • Diagnose situation
  • Manage self
  • Energize others
  • Intervene skillfully

Who is Hesston College

Hesston College is a private liberal arts college in Hesston, Kansas, that serves students from around the world and from a wide range of backgrounds. Primarily offering two-year programs of study for transfer, Hesston also offers a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Because of its two-year private institution model, Hesston College faculty and staff have become proficient in equipping students with the skills they need to lead and succeed at the many places they go after Hesston.

Hesston College faculty, staff and administrators took their experience in preparing students and transformed it into a curriculum for businesses and companies to equip their employees for leadership success.

Leadership Training Personnel

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