Environmental science professor Marelby Mosquera presents to a group of 30 Excel Industries employees during a leadership training program hosted and presented by Hesston College.
Blake Buhrman, M.S. – presenter
Blake has held various roles in the fields of education and non-profit leadership. Most recently he has worked as a marriage and family therapist and as a consultant in private and public sectors, helping businesses and government agencies. His clinical and executive coach training offer a unique skill set and perspective when working with clients. Alongside his wife, he also owns and operates Central Kansas Counseling.
Sheri Esau, B.A. – event coordinator
Hesston College advancement services coordinator with years of event planning and management experience.
Lisa Longacher, B.S.N. – event coordinator
Hesston College development officer with extensive experience in organizational training and development.
Marelby Mosquera, M.S. – presenter and cohort leader
Biology professor who is always eager to listen to new ideas or jump into the fray of ongoing conversations about culture, diversity or stereotype threat.
Gwen Obermeyer – presenter
Kevin Wilder, M.A. – presenter and cohort leader
Behavioral science and youth ministry professor who loves to be with people, evidenced through his roles as youth pastor, campus pastor, associate pastor and college professor.