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Environmental science professor Marelby Mosquera presents to a group of 30 Excel Industries employees during a leadership training program hosted and presented by Hesston College.
Kendra Burkey, M.A. – presenter and cohort leader
Communication professor specializing in interpersonal communication, journalism and mass media.
Marelby Mosquera, M.S. – presenter and cohort leader
Biology professor who is always eager to listen to new ideas or jump into the fray of ongoing conversations about culture, diversity or stereotype threat.
Marathana Prothro, M.A. – presenter
Assistant professor of communication at Bluffton (Ohio) University where she teaches classes on social media, journalism, gender and communication, leadership communication, public relations and organizational communication, blending theory and practical application so that her students understand both the how and why of effective communication.
Deb Roth, M.S. – event coordinator and cohort leader
Vice President of Student Life taught elementary education before joining the Hesston College faculty then transitioning to the administrative team.
Rachel Swartzendruber Miller, Ph.D. – presenter
Vice President of Advancement holds a Ph.D. in leadership studies and has received additional training in adaptive leadership concepts and strength-based leadership. She also teaches the Hesston College Foundations in Leadership course.
Kevin Wilder, M.A. – presenter and cohort leader
Behavioral science and youth ministry professor who loves to be with people, evidenced through his roles as youth pastor, campus pastor, associate pastor and college professor.
Brent Yoder, Ph.D. – presenter
Vice President of Academics. Holds a Level I Certificate and a Level II Certificate in Teaching Leadership from the Kansas Leadership Center, representing more than 150 hours of training, practice and feedback.