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What is Mathematics

Mathematics is a science and the language of science. Math is also an art. In most any discipline, skills in mathematics are required in order to make informed decisions for ourselves and our communities. In studying math, we learn to clearly define problems, investigate proven as well as creative new methods for solving problems and communicate solutions in a clear, concise manner.

Success factors

Students who desire to study mathematics enjoy solving puzzles and problems. Mathematics students should be careful readers and be able to communicate clearly and concisely. Successful students are perseverant, able to work independently, and able to work with and learn from others.

“The math courses at Hesston challenged me in a way that other college courses could not. With the challenge came the ever present assistance and guidance of instructors who were always there to help. Math courses at Hesston helped me become a better learner and transfer with confidence that I could conquer any math course in my future.”
— Alex Roth, class of 2011, high school math teacher

Career possibilities

Applied Math: engineering, operations research, computer animation, modeling and simulations, public health, mathematician; Education: secondary education, higher education, administration, education research; Statistics: actuarial science, quality control, risk management; business: finance, informatics, economics, research analysis, management; Others: law, cryptology, systems analysis, information security analysis, biomedical research

Majoring in mathematics

    Courses designed to ensure your success in upper-level classes at the college or university of your choice.

  • Technology incorporated into our study of mathematics, learning to apply the tools of mathematics as well as the theory. Within the first semester, math majors are introduced to several cutting-edge programs used in research, development and business. This software is essential in continuing education and future careers.
  • Small classes and intensive, personalized instruction will help you excel in the critical foundation courses of your mathematics major.

Mathematics curriculum

The mathematics curriculum will provide you with the strong educational foundation you will need for upper-level studies and an accounting degree. Academic advisors work one-on-one with students to ensure requirements are met for a seamless transition to continuing education and professional careers.

Sample curriculum – associate degree in mathematics

Department Purpose

The Hesston College Mathematics Department furthers students’ abilities to read mathematics, to reason mathematically, and to communicate mathematically. The stated purpose applies specifically to students majoring in Mathematics or a related field, but also to the entire student population through general education courses and as mathematics is used in other disciplines.