Bachelor of Arts in Business Management

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National and International Immersive Courses
Leadership for the Greater Good in a Diverse World
Applying for Admission

Every successful business needs an effective manager…

to oversee performance, direct people, organize resources, implement strategies, accomplish objectives and create budgets. Managers have leadership skills to create productive environments, maintain organizational culture, improve organizational effectiveness and motivate team success. Enrich your leadership skills while gaining managerial expertise with the B.A. in Business Management degree.

What We Do

The B.A. in Business Management degree program prepares students for leadership roles and management positions within a variety of businesses and industries. The skill-set acquired in the business management undergraduate degree opens doors to a wide variety of job opportunities ranging from non-profits to Fortune 500 businesses. Students who have earned an associate degree will have the opportunity to continue their education and prepare for advancement opportunities within their business field. A bachelor’s degree in Business Management opens doors for graduate education, which increases the likelihood of potential promotions.

A Unique Immersive Experience

The B.A. in Business Management program is a unique hybrid of on-campus and travel courses designed to provide an immersive experience for the student looking for more adventure, more professional experience and a greater challenge. Our courses provide a solid understanding of organizational leadership and management practices along with planned immersive field activities to complement the coursework, as well as industry-driven curriculum taught by experts in the field and designed to develop successful leaders for any business environment.

Our Learning Environment

Our small class sizes ensure an interactive environment where students examine case studies, collaborate on team projects and engage with real world companies and enterprises. Students have the opportunity to deeply engage with faculty to better understand complex issues through inquiry, collaborative dialogue, examination of case studies and intellectual debate. At Hesston you’ll be surrounded by other talented students driven to learn, grow and think through solutions to business challenges.
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Develop Your Professional Identity and Career Path
Hone your business acumen and leadership skills through our professional development courses which cover topics such as networking, developing ethical and cultural competencies, resume writing, interview preparation, etiquette and dress codes, work ethics and time management, servant leadership and continued career mapping.
Learn Team Dynamics and High Performance Skills
Our small cohort design provides a safe environment to practice high performance team development and to collaborate with your classmates while working on projects and learning from the team’s successes and failures.
Choose From Two Concentration Tracks
Students have the option of choosing a general management track or a career track with three courses designed for their specific interest, such as production and operations management or organizational leadership.
Experience A Unique Hybrid Program
Three out of four semesters in the junior/senior years include a business study immersive experiential component where students gain skills, knowledge and competencies through hands-on learning within real-world organizations both domestically and internationally.
Receive Expert Industry Teaching and Mentoring
Learn from faculty members who are professionally engaged in their field of business and offer real-world experience and expertise to the classroom by offering relevant and practical applications.
Begin Your Career With A Full Internship
During the spring semester of your senior year you will complete your degree with a full semester internship in the industry you choose to pursue. Starting your junior year, we will provide guidance and support to help you apply, interview and land your dream internship.

Business students in Thailand, spring 2022

National and International Immersive Courses

Designed to foster self-discovery, academic growth and exponential personal growth through corporate exploration and cultural immersion, Hesston’s unique business study immersive courses are academically-driven, culturally-immersive and life-changing experiences for students who want more than the traditional business class experience. Immersive courses are a hybrid of traditional college experience with set class time and schedules combined with a full immersion. You and your classmates will go on a two-week domestic or global trip embedded within a specific course or courses. The trip involves coursework, visits to corporate locations, interactions with business leaders and the application of methods and skills learned in the classroom.

This fieldwork component is a valuable opportunity to get “off the beaten path” and explore the cultural, historical and geographical nuances that business leaders consider when crafting a corporate management strategy.

Leadership for the Greater Good in a Diverse World

Are you a motivated and talented student who wants to understand and develop skills for today’s diverse management challenges? Are you ready to take charge and make a difference while developing solutions for building a better future? This program seeks a diverse group of students with a growth mindset, achievers who thrive on learning from one another and the world around them regardless of their backgrounds. They’re open to listening, adapting, respectfully sharing and challenging long-standing beliefs, and becoming global citizens.

The corporate world is constantly changing and faced with external challenges from economic shifts to sustainability crises. The business world needs the next-generation of leaders who are prepared to connect new knowledge with innovative ideas and generate new solutions. If you are ready to learn, adapt and excel alongside expert faculty and industry leaders, then this program is for you.

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Electives in Business

  • Organizational Team Dynamics
  • Intro to Organizational Development
  • Leading Diversity in Organizations
Required Upper Level Business Courses (8 weeks each, 36 hours)

  • Principles of Marketing
  • Strategic Communication
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Strategic Management
  • Organizational Leadership and Change Management
  • Managing Conflict and Diversity in the Workplace
  • Entrepreneurship for Greater Good
  • Business Legal Environment
  • MIS Systems Thinking
  • Organization Behavior and Human Resources
  • Finance Management
  • Analytics and the Digital Economy
  • Professional Development

16-Week Senior Internship
Total hours: 120
Plan of study

Applying for Admission

Students may apply for admission to the Business Management program after they have completed at least three semesters of college credit (minimum 36 hours).

  1. Complete the online application for admission to Hesston College (not required for current Hesston College students)
  2. Request that your college transcripts be sent to Hesston College Admissions, PO Box 3000, Hesston, KS 67062. An unofficial transcript is sufficient for application, but an official college transcript must be sent upon completion of your final semester of prerequisite courses.
  3. Interview with Business Management faculty (may precede application).
  4. Ask two persons who know you well and can speak to your character to write a letter of recommendation for you. At least one letter must be from a college professor or instructor. They can upload the letter through our secure connection or mail it to Hesston College Admissions, PO Box 3000, Hesston, KS 67062.
  5. Activities Resume. Demonstrate your school and community involvement over the past five years. This is your opportunity to tell us about your experiences beyond your academic profile. Clubs, organizations, sports, travel, other co-curricular activities, community service, leadership and volunteer activities. Work experience will also be considered. Upload your completed Activities Resume or mail it to Hesston College Admissions, PO Box 3000, Hesston, KS 67062
  6. Essay. Write an original essay of 500-750 words responding to the question “How will you use a degree in business management to change the world?” In your essay consider including the following:
    • Your unique background and experiences that shape your perspective, and how those will contribute to your growth at Hesston College and the growth of your classmates
    • Global business issues that resonate with you and why
    • What you hope to learn from the program regarding these issues and how you plan to address them in alignment with your academic and professional goals

    Upload your completed essay or mail it to Hesston College Admissions, PO Box 3000, Hesston, KS 67062

  7. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and add Hesston College under the school information. Hesston College’s FAFSA school code is 001920

After these steps are complete and after discussion by the Business Management applicant review team, you will receive notification from Hesston College concerning your acceptance into the Business Management program.

After acceptance, you may pay $200 tuition deposit to Hesston College.