Experiential Opportunities and Internships

Management students visit BMG manufacturing in Hesston.

An academically driven, cultural immersive and life-changing experience for students who want more than the traditional college experience. Designed to foster self-discovery, academic growth and exponential personal growth through corporate exploration and cultural immersion. Immersive educational experiences give you a better understanding of the cultural, social and business environment. A more rewarding and experiential path to education. A unique off campus experience with unparalleled commitment to student safety, effective programming and educational excellence as top priorities. A hybrid of traditional college experience with set class time and schedules combined with a full immersion with excursions that explore the world of business along with incredible destinations. It comprises a two-week trip domestically or globally that is embedded within a specific course or courses. It involves course work, visiting corporate locations, speaking with business leaders and applying methods and skills learned in the classroom.

Designed to foster a strong sense of community between students, faculty, staff and local hosts, “traveling classroom” allows students to learn as they travel with faculty. The people, culture, economy and political perspective of each country will form a lens through which you’ll navigate a range of important business topics. With your cohort you are a member of a micro-community that offers a unique opportunity to explore team dynamics and build a cohesive fellowship along the way to success.

Fieldwork facilitates valuable cultural immersion and opportunities to get “off the beaten path” and explore cultural, historical and geographical nuances that make up the external factors to consider within any corporate management strategy.