About the School of Management

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About the School of Management

Upon graduation, students in the School of Management are well prepared for life after Hesston College. The school offers a Bachelor of Arts in business management as well as a number of two-year degree programs that prepare students to enter the workforce or transfer to pursue other business-related majors.

During their time at Hesston College, students are encouraged to make connections outside the college through contacts with alumni, local businesses and MEDA (Mennonite Economic Development Associates). Hesston College business students participate in internships and coops as well as attend workshops, conferences and lectures on campus, in the community and across the country to gain practical business experience beyond the classroom setting.

Professors have the opportunity to work with students in many different ways, serving as instructors and mentors to the students during their two years on campus. They get to know the students closely through small class sizes, their role as advisors and the ability to work with students in multiple classes throughout their time at Hesston College.

The students find a supportive environment in the School of Management. Students work closely with each other and their instructors in a community that is both supportive and challenging. Instructors work to create an environment where students feel comfortable taking risks.

Mission and Philosophy

Hesston College exists to develop persons toward the model of Jesus Christ as revealed in his life and teachings and toward active participation with the body of Christ, the church in the world. This commitment calls for a style of education that is radically person centered. The focus of the college community is the nurture and development of the student.

In full support of the Hesston College mission statement, the School of Management curriculum is designed to develop business principles and computer technology skills for the transfer student and the career student.

Students will…

  1. Understand and utilize the language of business and technology.
  2. Demonstrate effective skills in writing, speaking, mathematics and visual communication in an organized and concise manner using appropriate business formats.
  3. Utilize appropriate information and technology to effectively complete business-related tasks.
  4. Understand the role of the free-market system as an economic driver in the local, national and global economic markets.
  5. Develop critical thinking, creative thinking and problem-solving skills needed to assist in a variety of business operations.
  6. Demonstrate an awareness of business ethics, social responsibility, faith and stewardship, and apply them in decision-making processes.
  7. Increase self-awareness by identifying and analyzing individual strengths, weaknesses and career options.
  8. Collaborate effectively with a diverse team to accomplish a variety of business-related tasks.

The School of Management provides students with courses that are common to other four-year business and computer students during their freshman and sophomore semesters.

Business practices of excellence

As a future employee, you must be able to cope with changes in today’s dynamic business environment. In order to successfully compete for positions in business and technology, students should strive to achieve the following:

  1. Demonstrate high personal standards
  2. Maintain a positive outlook
  3. Take personal responsibility for all you do
  4. Be decisive and persistent
  5. Demonstrate urgency and a sense of imperative
  6. Be a team player – cooperate and collaborate
  7. Ask questions and be curious
  8. Be service and result oriented
  9. Pursue self-development and keep learning
  10. Communicate effectively – verbally and in writing
  11. Promote new ideas – share your knowledge, time and skills
  12. Be there every time and on time

Business and Management Faculty