Denver trip blog 2023

Photo - TWC Company meeting with Peyton Hofer, CFO.
TWC Company meeting with Peyton Hofer, CFO. One key takeaway is to continue to network and not close the doors to opportunities.

by Kenzie Grove

Why Denver and what did it do for us? That's the question. Why do they send the business students there? Well, let me tell you it's to grow as a person. The trip might only be a couple of days but we learned more than I ever thought possible.

We started learning when the van was loaded up and on the way to Denver, Colorado. Learning more about each other and growing bonds as a cohort that will last a lifetime. Being able to play games, laugh, crack jokes and just be ourselves around each other. There were only three of us – Abraham, Carson and Mackenzie – which made it so much more personal.

Once we got to Denver, we all went our way to the rooms then get ready for dinner. We laughed and ate till it was time to get ready for our first experience of the trip. I learned that it is okay to work in a business that isn't your ideal job to grow and expand to where you want to be one day. Learning that the steps you don't always want to take are going to be the steps that will help you the most along the way. While also learning that connections make the biggest impact on the growth and trust of a business. Without them, there is more of a chance of failure since you don't have the support.

The key takeaways, though, are not only going but what we got out of it and how we felt. We talked in class about the essence of the tip. We learned that finding yourself and personal growth is one of the best things to help you find yourself in the future. Learning that applying the knowledge you have to your advantage will help you stay ahead and always keep improving.

And the one that was the most meaningful to hear for me was from our last company on the trip which was an advisory group. She talked about other companies and how they work because it's what interested one of the people in the cohort. Without any questions or worry about how it will affect her company or our learning about her. She showed that you should always help out and support your community as a whole and never expect anything in return. Doing good things with an expectation to get something in return is easy. But to me, that just means when you need it the most, even if they can’t provide for you or truly help you, they will always be there to support you through the tough times.

Lastly, change is the only thing that stays constant. Yes, I know it sounds crazy because it is. But honestly, the only thing you can rely on will always be happening. This is what Denver did for me and I'll never forget it. Thank you Hesston College Business Management Program

Love Cypress!