Business and Management

photo - Business Management students visit a chocolate company in Thailand

Shaping Future Business Leaders
Hesston College’s business program offers a series of courses in various aspects of business to prepare students for career paths in finance, accounting, economics, business management or administration, international business, sales and marketing or IT management.

About the program

Cal Hartley, a student intern, works with Hesston College Business Manager Karl Brubaker.Our faculty and facilities, mission, goals and business practices of excellence

Bachelor of Arts in Business Management

Debbie McAlister leads a senior seminarLearn about our new bachelor’s degree and how to apply for admission

Business-related Two-Year Programs of Study

Students in Marketing classDetails about our majors in Accounting, Business, Computer Information Technology, Computer Science and Economics

Professional Partnerships

Hesston College’s Business Advisory Council provides guidance on best practices and actively helps students by mentoring students, meeting with them….learn from seasoned business professionals who are experts in their field.

Experiential Opportunities and Internships

Management class tours BMG, a local manufacturing companyReal world experience is central to a Hesston College business education.

Alumni spotlights

Sarah Lederman (right) checks her work after cutting sophomore Kalen Boshart’s (Wayland, Iowa) hair at Studio 400 in Hesston.

Sarah Lederman ’11 – A Woman with a Plan

“Growing up, my parents were able to set their own hours and make time for family,” Sarah said. “I like the idea of being in charge and using my leadership abilities just like I saw my parents doing.”

JaKo Farm

King family – Kings of Organic Farming

“I was frustrated with all of the chemicals, so I started searching for alternative ways of doing things,” said Ken King ’74. “I experimented with a lot of different ways before finding a system that worked for us. The goal is to work with nature rather than trying to manipulate it.”
“We’re part of the movement of knowing your farmer,” said Judy (Weaver) ’73 King. “Our customers are local. We know them, and they know us and trust us.”

Roby Miller, photo by Jodi Gehman, Gehman Photography

Roby Miller ’07 – Creating Solutions

“I never wanted to be in the pharmacy industry because I saw that the business model was not working,” said the business-minded Miller. “But when there is a problem, there is always a solution.”