The living arrangement for students at Hesston is distinct. Students live in what are known as “mods” (modular living units) which provide a more casual, comfortable, intimate environment that fosters lifelong relationships.

In each mod, there are five to eight rooms and nine to 15 students total. So unlike huge residence halls that have dozens of rooms on each floor—and dozens upon dozens of students—students at Hesston get to know their “modmates” much more quickly and closely.

Erb Hall

Erb Hall has an east, central and west wing, with a total occupancy of around 250. There are no coed mods at Hesston. Floor plans: Erb Hall east, Erb central and west

Kauffman Court

Kauffman Court has an occupancy of around 120, and houses male students only. All mods in Kauffman Court have a private entrance. Kauffman Court floor plan

The Goods

All mod rooms are about the same size,(Erb Hall 12′ x 15′, Kauffman Court 11′ x 13′) are carpeted, and have air conditioning. Additionally, they are all furnished with the following items for each student:

  1. Bed
  2. Mattress
  3. Mattress pad
  4. Dresser
  5. Mirror
  6. Desk
  7. Chair
  8. Desk lamp
  9. Bulletin board
  10. Book shelves
  11. Blinds
  12. Campus computer network jack and wi-fi

Each mod also features a lounge area—outside of the rooms—where students gather to watch TV, play games, study, hold Bible studies and just hang out. Also, each dorm has coin-operated laundry facilities.