Tips about Having a Student in College

  1. Your role and relationship with your child will change, but your bond will not.
  2. You will still serve as the primary influence in your children’s lives. But you will be further away physically and figuratively.
  3. You will be communicating less frequently, but keep the communication lines open.
  4. Welcome your student home but encourage him or her to stay on campus as much as possible. We work diligently the first six to eight weeks to help students acclimate to campus, develop friendships, and get involved in campus activities.
  5. Avoid the temptation of “managing.” Encourage your student to take ownership of his or her college experience.
  6. When your child turned 18 or became a college student, he or she assumed the rights over his or her educational information. Even though you may be paying the bill you do not have the rights to your student’s records.
  7. College is a microcosm of a community. We have meals, residences, chapel and worship services, a convenience store, a library, a wellness center, athletic fields and courts, entertainment and activities, counseling services, security and rules.
  8. Make sure you and your student take time to review the lifestyle agreement that he or she signed.
  9. Know your student’s resident assistant, resident director and academic advisor.
  10. Send a first-aid kit with your student. Depending on medical history, include pain medication, antiseptic, antibacterial hand wash, cough and cold medication, etc. We can’t dispense medication.