Student Life


The Student Life department exists to promote the development of students’ individual well being and to build community in a Christ-centered environment. Student life’s specific areas of responsibility include residence halls, campus activities, counseling services and campus ministries.

Residence Life Program

The residence life staff seeks to serve students and provide a living situation where students’ basic needs are met and where they are challenged to live responsibly with others. The living units within each residence hall are called mods. Nine to 15 people live in a mod. These students share a common bathroom and lounge area. The group is led by a student leader called a resident assistant (RA). The resident life experience is enhanced when living with a diverse group of students from a variety of geographical locations, ethnicities and athletic teams. Therefore, every effort is made to create a mod that is made up of first- and second-year students from a variety of backgrounds. Juniors and seniors may opt to live in a mod or apartment designated for upper level students.

The Hesston College campus community welcomes all students regardless of race, religion, gender, perceived gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, ethnicity/national origin, citizenship status, age, ancestry, color, marital or family status, pregnancy or pregnancy-related conditions, physical or mental disability, genetic information, military or veteran or military discharge status, or any other characteristic protected by local, state or federal law. Hesston College is, by design, a diverse campus with persons from across the United States and around the world. The community celebrates this diversity and realizes that differences require each individual to seek understanding and integrity in relationships.


The student life staff is responsible for managing residence hall life and activities. The vice president of student life coordinates all residential living policies and provides supervision and training to the resident directors (RDs), assistant resident directors (ARDs) and RAs.

The RDs are adult staff who live in separate apartments in the dorms. Each RD supervises a group of RAs. The RD responds to student needs, provides leadership in the residence hall, is available for support and conflict resolution and is involved in campus life as a mentor and role model for students. The RD responds to emergencies and assists the vice president of student life with campus security. ARDs assist the RDs in their work and supervise the campus on assigned weekends.

The RA is a second-, third- or fourth-year student. Each RA is chosen to provide leadership for a mod. The RA is available to help students move in and get acquainted with other students and the college. RAs serve as a communication link between students and RD; help organize educational, social and recreational events and programs and assist in enforcement of college policies. More complete information describing student life is available in the Student Handbook on the Hesston College website.

Personal Counseling

Counseling services are available free of charge to all students. Frequently raised questions or concerns include: relationships, anxiety, depression, family, eating disorders or low self esteem. The campus counselor’s office is located in Erb Hall. Contact the counselor to make an appointment.

The counselor makes referrals to area mental health services if requested by the student or if more specific intervention is needed. The counselor also refers persons who need evaluation for self-destructive or potentially life-threatening behaviors.

International Student Services

Through the office of the director of international student services, Hesston College provides a wide variety of support services to international students.

The director is available for counseling and advising in matters related to cultural adjustment, dormitory and roommate concerns and other concerns or problems that may occur.

North American students are also welcome to utilize the director’s services for counseling and advising related to issues or concerns that affect the college’s unique mix of many cultures and backgrounds.

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