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Payment Plans

Students attending Hesston College are required to make payment in full for each semester (Regular Payment Plan) prior to attending classes unless another payment plan has been approved by the Business Office. All students must designate a payment plan from the options below, including those students who have not completed the financial aid process. Students with incomplete financial aid must still settle their anticipated financial obligations with the Business Office. Tuition, room and board charges less processed financial aid may be paid according to any of the payment plans below.

Payments on student account may be made with check, debit card, ACH, money order, wire or cash in United States funds. To make a payment, call 620-327-8215 or log in to and select myAccount under the myFinances tab.

Regular Payment Plan (payment in full)

  • Fall semester: due and payable Aug. 1, 2020
  • Spring semester: due and payable Jan. 5, 2021

A late payment fee of $50 may apply if payments have not been made by the established due dates. Late payment fees will be added to accounts on the first day of classes for each semester.

Quarterly Payment Plan (payment in full)

  • Fall semester: half the semester balance due and payable Aug. 1, 2020; remainder due and payable Oct. 10, 2020
  • Spring semester: half the semester balance due and payable Jan. 5, 2021; remainder due and payable March 9, 2021

A $25 enrollment fee per semester will apply for the Quarterly Payment Plan. A $50 late payment fee may apply if the second payment for the semester is not made by the established due date.

Monthly Installment Plan

The Monthly Installment Plan is our only plan designed to pay for the entire year and is a no-interest plan. After all applicable annual financial assistance is applied to the student’s annual charges (including an annual enrollment fee), the remaining balance is divided into 10 or 12 equal monthly payments.

  • For the 10-month plan, first payment is due no later than Aug. 15, 2020 (plan annual enrollment fee is $75)
  • For the 12-month plan, first payment is due no later than June 30, 2020 (plan annual enrollment fee is $25)
  • For the 6-month plan, first payment is due no later than Dec. 31, 2020 (plan annual enrollment fee is $75) only available to students starting at spring semester
  • Final payments for 6-, 10- and 12-month plan are due no later than May 31, 2021.
  • Monthly plan payments will be made using ACH on 5th, 15th, 25th or last of each month until the account is paid in full. Plan could start as early as June 5 and as late as August 15.
  • Hesston College will adjust the final payment due if less than the full ACH amount to clear the account and ACH will discontinue after final payment is completed. In no event will an ACH amount be deducted greater than that agreed upon in advance.
  • If the account is cleared prior to completion of the final installment, the plan will terminate.
  • Bank drafts returned for insufficient funds or closed accounts will cause the student account to be assessed a $25 fee.
  • Monthly Installment Plans can be initiated online through myHesston.

Special Arrangement

If a student is unable to meet any of the above plans, a special payment arrangement that clearly spells out dates and expectations for payment during the enrollment period may be negotiated with the Business Office. A minimum payment of 25% of the semester’s balance is required to initiate this arrangement. Please call the Business Office at 620-327-8215 to discuss special arrangements prior to the beginning of classes. An annual enrollment fee of $100 applies for any special payment arrangements.

Past Due Accounts

All payments are required to be made based on established due dates. When payments are not made according to the agreed upon payment plan, late payment fees will be assessed as outlined in the payment plan summary. Outstanding balances that remain past due after a student is no longer enrolled at Hesston College will be subject to FINANCE CHARGES of 1.00% per month (12% A.P.R.). Finance charges will begin accruing 30 days after a student’s enrollment has ended. Failure to make payment in full will affect availability of transcripts. Past due accounts may be referred to collection agencies which will affect the student’s credit standing.

Hesston College reserves the right to not allow a student to move into the dorm and to withdraw any student who has not selected one of the above payment options by the established due dates. Failure to make payment in full on the current semester account may affect continuing enrollment at Hesston College.

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