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Student Financial Policies

Payment Plan and Financial Aid Documents

Failure to complete a payment plan or financial aid documents by the end of the second week of classes may jeopardize the student’s opportunity to attend classes.

Class Changes

Tuition and fees are based initially upon registration at the end of the first week of the enrollment period. Tuition and fees adjustments are made based on registration at the end of the second week of the enrollment period.

Withdrawal Policy

A withdrawal occurs when a student officially withdraws, drops out or otherwise fails to complete the program of study on or after the first day of classes. The official withdrawal date is determined by the college registrar. If a student requires a leave of absence, the student should contact the registrar and financial aid offices to identify procedures regarding and implications of such a request.

Refund Policy

The tuition, fees, room and board charges (institutional charges) for students who withdraw on or after the first day of regularly scheduled classes will be prorated on a daily basis over the first 60 percent of the enrollment period. Hesston College institutional aid will be reduced by the same percentage as institutional charges. No reduction of institutional charges will occur after 60 percent of the enrollment period is completed. Laboratory fees and clinical fees will be prorated based on percentage of curriculum plan completed prior to withdrawal. Bookstore charges, student health insurance and other personal costs are not prorated at withdrawal.

Hesston College follows federal aid guidelines in determining the amount of unearned aid to be refunded to Federal Student Financial Aid programs. A summary of when the return of Title IV federal student aid funds applies and a listing of which Title IV funds are included in these provisions is available from the Financial Aid office. Any refund will be applied in this order: Stafford Loan, PLUS, PELL Grant, Academic Competitiveness Grant, FSEOG. Examples of calculations of earned and unearned institutional charges, financial aid and refunds upon withdrawal are available upon request. Other government or private aid will be refunded as required by the terms of the particular program.

Aviation Students

Students enrolled in aviation courses who have past due accounts will be suspended from flying until the account is brought current. Aviation instruction and aircraft hours in excess of curriculum plan will be charged at current rates.


Students may purchase textbooks and supplies online at or in the Bookstore. The college encourages online ordering for those wanting used books. The Bookstore accepts payment by credit card, cash or check or charge to the student’s account (available only for textbook and supplies purchases) as long as the account is in good standing at the business office.

Health Insurance

Hesston College encourages all students to have health insurance. For international students, students in nursing and aviation programs and student athletes without a health insurance plan, the college offers a plan that provides basic medical coverage from time of enrollment in the plan (but no earlier than Aug. 1, 2020) through July 31, 2021. This policy remains in effect and no refund is provided even if the student withdraws or graduates from Hesston College prior to July 31, 2021. The cost of this plan for 2020-21 is $1,805.

Hesston College requires nursing students, international students and intercollegiate athletes to submit proof of health insurance coverage. If not covered under an individual or family health plan, the college requires that the student purchase the student health plan. Hesston College also requires intercollegiate athletes insured under the student health plan to purchase a supplemental/secondary athletic accident/injury policy that assists the athlete and families with expenses not covered by primary insurance.

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