Bachelor of Arts Degree: Business Management

The Bachelor of Arts in Business Management prepares the student for leadership roles and management positions within a variety of businesses and industries.Students choose between two concentration tracks: organizational leadership or production and operations management.

Organizational Leadership:
Organizational leadership is a management approach in which leaders set strategic goals for the organization while motivating individuals within the group to successfully and optimally perform assignments with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Production and Operations Management:
Production is the process of turning inputs such as natural resources, raw materials, human resources and capital into outputs which are products and services, commonly referred to as manufacturing. Managing this conversion process is the role of operations management.

Program Admission Requirements: (must meet prior to junior year admission to the program)

  • Complete a minimum of 45 (of 60) hours of required liberal education and support courses by March 1.
  • Have an academic plan to complete all prerequisite courses of required liberal education and business courses prior to the start of their senior year.
  • Achieve grades of C or better in all required liberal education and support courses and an overall GPA of 2.50 in required business courses.
  • Have an ACT composite score of 19; OR SAT score of 1000; OR ACCUPLACER score of 255 in Reading and in Writing.
  • For students whose native language is not English, a minimum iBT score of 19 in Reading and 20 in Listening, Speaking and Writing by March 1 or have earned a high school diploma or GED in the United States.
  • Other eligibility requirements include technical standards, social character and ethical and legal standards.

General Requirements

Total credits: 120 hours including 71 minimum major hours (6 general education major hours, 13 lower level major hours and 52 upper level major hours including concentration courses).

Grade point average: 2.50 or better in Hesston College courses.

Residency: 30 of final 60 hours must be earned at Hesston College.

Skills Courses (15 hours)

Written Communication (6 hours) – Engl 125 College Writing I and Engl 135 College Writing II or Engl 225 Advanced Critical Research and Argument.

Oral Communication (3 hours) – Comm 125 Interpersonal Communication or Comm 206 Speech Communication.

Mathematics (3 hours) – MaSc 210 Elementary Statistics.

Knowledge Courses (20 hours)

Social Science (6 hours) – Econ 221 – Principles of Macroeconomics* and one course from the following areas: Psy 200 General Psychology, PolS 121 American Government and Politics, Soc 202 Cultural Anthropology, Soc 203 Introduction to Sociology.

Humanities (6 hours) – One course from two of the following areas: Art 103 Art Appreciation, Engl 112 Studies in Literature, Engl 212 World Literature, Engl 215 Introduction to Film, Engl 217 Literature of Race, Ethnicity and Gender, Hist 221/222 U.S. History I/II, Hist 251/252 History of World Civilization I/II, Mus 203 Music Appreciation, ThAr 103 The Art of Theatre.

Natural Science (8 hours) – One course from two of the following areas: BiSc 100 Introduction to Biology, BiSc 110/120 Environmental Biology/Science, BiSc 205 Anatomy and Physiology, Chem 101 Introductory Chemistry, Chem 121 General Chemistry I, PhSc 200 Principles of Physical Science, Phys 203 College Physics I, Phys 213 Physics for Scientists and Engineers I.

Responsibility Courses (5 hours)

IDS 101 First-Year Seminar, PhEd 210 Lifetime Fitness and Wellness and BuAd 220 Management*

Faith Course (3 hours)

Relg 100 Biblical Literature

Integration Course (3 to 4 hours)

Recommended: BuAd 112 Personal Finance, But also accept one of the following: Avia 281 Aviation Safety, BiSc 240 Genetics, Chem 204 Organic Chemistry II, Comm 151 Mass Communication and Society, DMgt 175 Disaster Management Field Experience, Econ/Hum 261 Industrialization to Globalization, Educ 210 Diverse Learners, Engl 220 Creative Writing, Art/Mus/ThAr 231 Sophomore Fine Arts Portfolio, PhEd 205 Recreation Leadership, Phys 214 Physics for Scientists and Engineers II, Relg 260 Jesus and the Gospels, Soc 207 Sociology of Families.

Business Courses (53 hours minimum)

Lower Level Business Courses (13 hours) – BuAc 205 Principles of Financial Accounting I, BuAc 206 Managerial Accounting I, BuCS 117 Computer Applications, Econ 222 Principles of Microeconomics. *These (Econ 221, BuAd 220) business-specific general education hours are included in the 71 required business credits.
Upper Level Business Courses (40 hours minimum) – BuAd 301/302/303/304 Professional Development I/II/III/IV, BuAd 318 Entrepreneurship for the Greater Good, BuAd 320 Organizational Behavior and Human Resources, BuAd 321 Organizational Leadership and Change Management, BuAd 322 Managing Conflict and Diversity in the Workplace, BuAd 330 Strategic Management, BuAd 340 Financial Management, BuAd 345 Principles of Marketing, BuAd 360 Ethical Leadership, BuAd 361 Business Legal Environment, BuCS 325 Management Information Systems Thinking, BuCS 435 Analytics and the Digital Economy, Comm 342 Strategic Communication
Business Concentration Courses: (9 hours minimum from one concentration)

Organizational Leadership concentration
BuAd 421 Leading Diversity in Organizations, BuAd 422 Intro to Organizational Development and BuAd 423 Organizational Team Dynamics
Production and Operations Management concentration
BuAd 431 Production and Operations Management, BuAd 432 Quality Management and BuAd 433 Supply Chain and Logistics

Required Senior Internship (3 hours)
Elective Courses (to bring total degree credits to 120)

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