Nursing (B.S.N.)

(B.S.N. degree)

First Year Fall Program courses
General Chemistry I or Introductory Chemistry
General Psychology
Recommended courses
First-Year Seminar
College Writing I
College Algebra

Spring Program courses
Anatomy and Physiology
Principles of Nutrition
Recommended courses
Developmental Psychology
College Writing II

Second Year Fall Program courses
Recommended courses
Elementary Statistics
Lifetime Fitness and Wellness
Speech Communication
humanities course

Spring Program courses
Recommended courses
Biblical Literature
Intro to Sociology
humanities course


Third Year Fall Program courses
Nursing Foundations I (Fundamentals and Gerontology)
Nursing Theories and Professional Practice
Healthcare Ethics
Holistic Assessment

Spring Program courses
Foundations II and Maternal/Child Nursing
Clinical Pharmacology I
Evidence-Based Practice
Healthcare Systems, Policy and Finance

Fourth Year Fall Program courses
Acute Care Nursing I (Medical Surgical, Management and Mental Health)
Clinical Pharmacology II
Healthcare Informatics, Quality and Safety
Nursing Management and Leadership

Spring Program courses
Acute Care Nursing II (Medical Surgical and Complex Care)
Population-Based Nursing
Integration Seminar

LPN to BSN plan of study also available.

Catalog 2019-20