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Aviation – Professional Pilot

Plan of Study

Professional Pilot-Flight Track Required Program Courses: 35 hours (grade of C or better required)

First Year Program Courses

Fall Courses

  • Intro to Aviation
  • Private Pilot I
  • Airspace and Air Traffic Control
  • Meteorology
Recommended Courses
  • First-Year Seminar
  • Speech Communication

Spring Courses

  • Instrument Rating Principles
  • Instrument Flight 1 and II
  • Private Pilot II
  • Aviation Regulations
Recommended Courses
  • College Writing I
  • Lifetime Fitness and Wellness
  • social science course

Second Year Program Courses

Fall Courses

  • Commercial Pilot Principles
  • Commercial Flight I
  • Aircraft Systems
  • Aerodynamics and Aircraft Performance
Recommended Courses
  • Biblical Literature
  • humanities source course

Spring Courses

  • Commercial Flight II
  • Aviation Safety
  • Human Factors
Recommended Courses
  • natural science course
  • responsibility course
  • mathematics course