Air Traffic Control

Note: this program is discontinued for 2024-25.

Plan of Study – (A.A.A.S. degree)

Air Traffic Control Track Required Program Courses: 21 hours (grade of C or better required)
(AVIA 100/101 Private Pilot Principles I/II and AVIA 103/104 Private Pilot I/II) or (AVIA 107 Private Pilot Transition and FAA Private Pilot Certificate), AVIA 106 Airspace and Air Traffic, AVIA 121 Meteorology, AVIA 161 Aviation Regulations, AVIA 215 Air Traffic Basics, AVIA 222 Instrument Rating Principles, AVIA 254 Human Factors, AVIA 281 Aviation Safety.

First Year Program Courses

Fall Courses

  • Private Pilot Principles I
  • Private Pilot I
  • Intro to Professional Aviation
  • Meteorology
  • Airspace and Air Traffic
Recommended Courses
  • College Writing I
  • First-Year Experience

Spring Courses

  • Private Pilot Principles II
  • Private Pilot II
  • Instrument Rating Principles
  • Aviation Regulations
Recommended Courses
  • Biblical Literature
  • Speech Communication
  • Lifetime Fitness and Wellness

Second Year Program Courses

Fall Courses

  • Air Traffic Basics
Recommended Courses
  • responsibility course
  • humanities course
  • mathematics course
  • elective

Spring Courses

  • Aviation Safety
  • Human Factors
Recommended Courses
  • social science course
  • natural science course
  • elective

Catalog 2023-24