Course Fees & Aviation Scholarships

Rates for degree-seeking students and others enrolled in aviation courses for college credit.

Hesston College Aviation Flight Course Aviation Lab Fees*
(2024-25 year)
Avia 103 Private Pilot I
Avia 104 Private Pilot II
Avia 107 Aviation Pilot Transition
Avia 220 Instrument Flight I
Avia 221 Instrument Flight II
Avia 230 Commercial Flight I
Avia 231 Commercial Flight II
Avia 325 Mountain Flying
Avia 332 Airplane Multi-Engine Land
Avia 340 Flight Instructor – Airplane
Avia 341 Flight Instructor – Airplane – Instrument
Avia 432 Multi-engine Experience (per credit hour)
Avia 451 Crew Resource Management
Avia 470 Flight Instructor – Multi-engine

* Aviation Lab Fees are based upon student averages, and are in addition to Hesston College’s tuition, room and board. Flight hours may vary depending upon student progress, additional instruction required, and changes in FAA requirements. Hours flown in excess of curriculum plan are charged at current rates.

Lab fees include aircraft rental, dual flight instruction and the FAA Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE) fee. Aviation textbooks and FAA knowledge tests are not included.

Hesston College Aviation’s flight training facility is open throughout the academic year to provide student instruction. Additional instructional opportunities may be available during the summer semester. Please contact Hesston College Aviation to schedule.