Bachelor of Science Degree: Aviation – Professional Pilot

General Requirements

Total credits: 120 hours including 60 hours of general education, support and elective courses and 60 (minimum) major hours.

Grade point average: 2.50 or better in Hesston College courses. Grades of C or better in all aviation courses.

Residency: 30 of final 60 hours must be earned at Hesston College.

Skills Courses (15 hours)

Written Communication (6 hours) – ENGL 125 College Writing I and ENGL 135 College Writing II or ENGL 225 Advanced Critical Research and Argument.

Oral Communication (3 hours) – COMM 125 Interpersonal Communication or COMM 206 Speech Communication.

Mathematics (6 to 8 hours) – Two courses: MASC 105 College Algebra or higher.

Knowledge Courses (14 hours)

Social Science (3 hours) – One course from the following areas: ECON 221 Principles of Macroeconomics, PSY 200 General Psychology, POLS 121 American Government and Politics, SOC 202 Cultural Anthropology, SOC 203 Introduction to Sociology.

Humanities (3 hours) – One course from two of the following areas: ART 103 Art Appreciation, EDUC/ENGL 204 Introduction to Children’s Literature, ENGL 112 Studies in Literature, ENGL 212 World Literature, ENGL 215 Introduction to Film, ENGL 217 Literature of Race, Ethnicity and Gender, HIST 221/222 U.S. History I/II, HIST 251/252 History of World Civilization I/II, JAPN 101 Japanese I, MUS 203 Music Appreciation, THAR 103 The Art of Theatre.

Natural Science (8 hours) – One course from two of the following areas: BISC 100 Introduction to Biology, BISC 110/120 Environmental Biology/Science, BISC 205 Anatomy and Physiology, CHEM 101 Introductory Chemistry, CHEM 121 General Chemistry I, PHSC 200 Principles of Physical Science, PHYS 203 College Physics I, PHYS 213 Physics for Scientists and Engineers I.

Responsibility Courses (5 hours)

IDS 101 First-Year Experience, PHED 210 Lifetime Fitness and Wellness and one of the following: BUAD 220 Management, EDUC/ENGL 204 Introduction to Children’s Literature, ENGL 212 World Literature, HIST 204 African-American History, HIST 213 Anabaptist History and Thought, HUM 240 European History and Fine Arts, JAPN 101 Japanese I, NUTR 210 Principles of Nutrition, PHED 231 Personal and Community Health, RELG 131 Faith and Discipleship, RELG 214 Peacemaking and Justice, SOC 122 Religions of the World, SOC 123 Urban Life and Culture, SOC 215 Social Diversity.

Faith Course (3 hours)

RELG 100 Biblical Literature

Integration Course (3 hours)

AVIA 281 Aviation Safety (These aviation specific general education hours are included in the 60 required aviation credits).

Aviation Courses (60 hours minimum)

Required Aviation Courses:

Lower Level Requirements (28 hours) – AVIA 106 Airspace and Air Traffic, AVIA 121 Meteorology, AVIA 130 Intro to Professional Aviation, AVIA 161 Aviation Regulations, AVIA 205 Aircraft Systems, AVIA 206 Aerodynamics and Aircraft Performance, AVIA 220 Instrument Flight I, AVIA 221 Instrument Flight II, AVIA 222 Instrument Rating Principles, AVIA 229 Commercial Pilot Principles, AVIA 230 Commercial Flight I, AVIA 231 Commercial Flight II, AVIA 254 Human Factors, AVIA 281 Aviation Safety.

Upper Level Requirements (24 hours) – AVIA 305 Advanced Aircraft Systems, AVIA 316 Advanced Aircraft Performance, AVIA 321 Aviation Weather, AVIA 331 Multiengine Ground School, AVIA 332 Airplane Multiengine Land, AVIA 406 National Airspace System, AVIA 451 Crew Resource Mangement, AVIA 461 Aviation Law, AVIA 481 Safety Management.

Required Internship (3 to 12 hours) – AVIA 490 Flight Instructor Internship and/or AVIA 485 Professional Internship

Elective Aviation Courses: (6 hours required, at least 4 upper level)

Lower Level Electives – (AVIA 101 Introduction to Aviation and AVIA 103/104 Private Pilot I/II) or (AVIA 107 Private Pilot Transition and FAA Private Pilot Certificate).

Upper Level Electives (4 hours) – AVIA 325 Mountain Flying, AVIA 336 Flight Instructor Ground School, AVIA 340 Flight Instructor Airplane, AVIA 341 Flight Instructor Airplane – Instrument, AVIA 432 Multiengine Experience, AVIA 470 Flight Instructor – Multiengine.

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