Associate Degree with Honors

(Meet these requirements in addition to either the A.A. or A.S. degree requirements)

General Requirements

Total credits: 70 hours (10 credits in addition to the Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree).

Grade point average: 3.25 or better in Hesston College courses. Transfer hours must have grades of C or better.

Residency: one semester of full-time study or a minimum of 30 Hesston College hours. In addition, 20 of final 30 hours must be earned at Hesston College.

Additional Skills Courses

Written Communication (3 hours) – Engl 225 Advanced Critical Research and Argument

Knowledge Courses

Additional Elective (3 to 4 credit hours) – Completion of an additional elective course from an unexplored area not previously applied to fulfill a Knowledge Source Course requirement

Experiential Learning Opportunity (1 to 4 hours) – Completion of a credit bearing internship, field experience, cooperative education course or leadership course sequence

Transcultural Knowledge and Experience (1 to 4 hours) – Completion of a course with focus on transcultural knowledge and experience – choose from the following:

  • BuAd 220 Management
  • Educ 210 Diverse Learners
  • Engl 212 World Literature
  • Engl 217 Literature of Race, Ethnicity and Gender
  • Mus 203 Music Appreciation
  • Psy 200 General Psychology
  • Soc 122 Religions of the World
  • Soc 203 Introduction to Sociology
  • Soc 207 Sociology of Families
  • A Transcultural Experience course (1 to 4 hours)
  • Spanish course/language course not used to fulfill a Source Course requirement

*No course can fulfill more than one graduation requirement. Any student who is unable to complete the Honors Degree of Study within four full-time semesters will require approval by the Honors Program of Study Selection Committee in order to remain eligible for the program.

Catalog 2019-20