William D. Ford Direct Student Loan

The William D. Ford Direct Subsidized Student Loan is a federal interest-delayed loan for college students. Eligibility is based upon the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. As long as students are enrolled in at least six credit hours each semester, no interest accrues and no payments are due. After graduation or when the student is no longer enrolled in at least six credit hours interest begins to accrue for the subsidized student loan and there is a six month period of grace before repayment begins for both the Direct Subsidized and Direct Unsubsidized loans. Students who do not qualify for the interest subsidy may still borrow in the William D. Ford Direct Student Loan program. Students who do not demonstrate financial need will be responsible for the interest while they are in school.

Hesston College Institutional Loan

The Hesston College Loan is awarded and administered by Hesston College. An annual interest rate of 10 percent begins to accrue on the unpaid balance six months after no longer attending Hesston College. A minimum monthly payment of $50 is due during the repayment period which begins six months following the borrower’s termination as a student. Priority for this loan program is given to third- and fourth-year students.

Federal Work-Study Program

The Federal Work-Study Program is an employment program funded by the Federal Government. It provides funds for employment during the school year. As much as possible, job assignments are made to fit the student’s past experience and career goals.

Aid Plan Revision

The financial aid office reserves the right to revise financial aid awards if necessary. Financial aid awards are made in good faith; however, they are contingent upon continued availability of funds and student eligibility/progress. If you have special financial circumstances that you feel have not been adequately considered, please contact the financial aid office immediately.

Catalog 2023-24