Mission, Vision and Purposes

About Hesston College

Hesston College, founded in 1909, is located in Hesston, Kansas, 35 miles north of Wichita. The college has an enrollment of approximately 400 students who come from about 30 states and 15 countries. It has a faculty-student ratio of 1:9. Affiliated with Mennonite Church USA, Hesston College is governed by the Hesston College Board of Directors. Board members are appointed by Mennonite Education Agency and the board of directors.

Mission Statement

Hesston College, a college of Mennonite Church USA, educates and nurtures each student within Christ-centered community, integrating thought, life and faith for service to others in the church and the world.


Hesston College graduates change the world as they serve through their vocations, churches, families and individual commitments to follow Christ.

Hesston College is a transforming community where students, faculty and staff dedicate their intellect, passion and skill to a future where:

Hope replaces despair

The poor are clothed and fed

The sick are made whole

Peace replaces war and conflict

Justice replaces oppression

Creation is renewed

The gospel is proclaimed.

To make this vision a reality:

  • We will strive for excellence in all we do. We will measure our results and aspire to greatness in all areas of college life.
  • Our graduates will be fully prepared to take the next steps in their education, professions and relationships.
  • All academic and student development programs will be infused with the values of Christian community, stewardship of gifts and service to the world.

Statement of Purposes

The purposes of Hesston College are to:

Promote student learning and development through

  • A general education core and other courses that culminate in the Associate of Arts, Associate of Science or Associate of General Studies degree and that satisfy lower division requirements for transfer to selected baccalaureate programs.
  • Academic courses and enrichment programs that emphasize the scholarship of integration and student learning in the areas of biblical understanding, global perspective, critical thinking, self-awareness, communication and social responsibility.
  • Student development programs, academic services and enrichment activities that promote development of the whole student (academic, personal, physical, social and spiritual).

Facilitate professional and career development through

  • A general education core and other courses that culminate in the Associate of Applied Arts and Sciences degree or the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and prepare students with knowledge and performance competencies required for immediate employment in selected careers.
  • Academic advising and career services that assist students to adequately plan and prepare for their selected careers and guide those who are uncertain about future career choices.

Prepare future leaders who actively participate in the life and work of the church and display a commitment of service to others through

  • A Christ-centered community where students are guided toward the model of Jesus Christ, encouraged to grow in their faith and empowered to view themselves as agents of change.
  • Student leadership opportunities throughout the first two years of the college experience in academics, athletic activities, dramatic productions, worship planning, student recruitment, residential life, etc.
  • Service-learning and community opportunities in a variety of curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  • Experiences that expand students’ vision of the Mennonite church, its values and tenets, its people and programs.

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