Sports Ministry

(A.A. degree)

First Year Fall Program courses
Biblical Literature
physical education course 1*
Conflict Resolution
Recommended courses
First-Year Experience
College Writing I
Speech Communication
Lifetime Fitness and Wellness

Spring Program courses
Bible and ministry course 1**
physical education course 2*
Anatomy and Physiology
Recommended courses
College Writing II
General Psychology

Second Year Fall Program courses
Recreational Leadership
Bible and ministry course 2**
Recommended courses
College Algebra
social science course
humanities course

Spring Program courses
Bible and ministry course 3**
physical education course 3*
Recommended courses
second natural science course
second humanities course
elective or responsibility course

Physical Education course options include: PhEd 215 Intro to Health, Physical Education and Recreation, PhEd 217 Intro to Sports Management, PhEd 231 Personal and Community Health, PhEd 262 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries and Nutr 210 Principles of Nutrition.
**Bible and Ministry course options include: Relg 121 Intro to Youth Ministry, Relg 202 Psalms and Epistles or Relg 208 Prophets and Revelation, and one additional Relg course.

Catalog 2023-24