Course Descriptions: IEL

IEL007 Academic Language and Skills Non-credit course

Provides English language students opportunities to learn about strategies for success in the academic environment. Topics include study techniques, time management, textbook reading strategies and more. Non-credit course.

IEL008 Language in Context Seminar Non-credit course

Provides English language students unique opportunities to experience language in local cultural contexts and develop their application of the English language. Students will hear guest speakers from diverse backgrounds on relevant topics through occasional chapel attendance, as well as go on local field trips. Students will complete a project and write a journal with reflections on their experiences. Non-credit course. Meets for 2 hours per week.

IEL009 TOEFL Preparation Non-credit course

Focuses on each skill area tested in the institutional TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) for students with beginning English proficiency as determined by the IEP placement exam or TOEFL score. Practice TOEFL tests, as well as the institutional TOEFL, are administered each semester. Non-credit course.

IEL023 Writing and Grammar for Academic Purposes Non-credit course

This writing and grammar course will use a variety of content areas of interest to students to develop fluency and accuracy in oral and written language. It is designed for students with basic (high beginner) English language proficiency. Non-credit course.

IEL025 Speaking and Listening for Academic Purposes Non-credit course

Focuses on the development of listening, speaking and pronunciation related skills at a basic (high beginner) level. Students explore a wide range of verbal content, functions and forms and participate in listening and speaking activities at an appropriate level. Speaking skills will be developed through sharing responses in class and giving presentations. Awareness of pronunciation problems will also be emphasized for the purpose of learning to self-correct when speaking. Non-credit course.

IEL027 Reading Comprehension for Academic Purposes Non-credit course

Through content area study, basic (high beginner) English language learners will develop proficiency in reading, vocabulary and critical thinking skills with increased emphasis on reading related skills for pre-academic students. Opportunities for making connections and comparisons with students’ home cultures will occur throughout the course. In addition, students will participate in a two-hour per week extensive reading lab. Non-credit course.