Course Descriptions: thar

ThAr103 The Art of Theatre 3 hours

Designed to give students a working knowledge of theatre, engage them in critical thought about the themes of productions and develop an appreciation of theatre as an art form. Emphasizes the process of theatre production and gives an overview of theatre history. Students will gain exposure to the craft through in-class participation in playwriting, designing, directing and acting. Students will attend four professional or collegiate-level productions as a class. Additional fee to cover tickets will be charged to student accounts. A Knowledge Source Course.

ThAr115 American College Theatre Festival 1 hour

Students attend the Region 5 Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival in January. Location varies. Students participate in workshops taught by experts in the field and attend the main stage shows together. Students write a brief description of workshops attended and submit a project highlighting one of the plays viewed, workshops attended or one of the professional personalities at the festival. Instructor consent required. Additional fee.

ThAr125/126/225/226 Drama Participation 1 or 2 hours

Orients students to the inner workings of play production. Credit is earned by participating in one of the productions throughout the semester. Credit can be earned working on stage or behind the scenes in stage management, choreography, costuming, set building, light design, makeup, properties or publicity.

ThAr127/227 Acting I/II 3+3 hours

Acting I introduces students to the fundamentals of theatre performance. Instruction is given in basic acting technique including speech, movement and expression. Also introduces students to the basic theatre components utilized by actors including scene and character analysis and audition techniques. Acting II continues the exploration of theatre performance and methods, working especially within the world of classic and contemporary realism. Voice, movement and characterization using goal specific exercises, monologues and scene work will be further developed, as will characer and text analysis. Prerequisite for 227: ThAr 127.

ThAr128 Directing 3 hours

Students experience how a director’s vision shapes a theatre production as well as the various components that go into a full production. Students select a one act play and then work with student and faculty designers to bring their vision to life. The shows are then offered for campus-wide viewing. A directed study at the first- and second-year level. Prerequisites: ThAr 127 and instructor’s consent.

ThAr141 Music Theatre Workshop 1 hour

Introduces the fundamentals of performance for the singing actor, with instruction in movement, relaxation, acting technique and singing technique. Offered in spring semesters in which a full musical production is not mounted. Culminates with a public scenes program of works from the musical theatre and opera repertoire. Requires concurrent enrollment in Private Voice or consent of instructor.

ThAr211 Drama in the Church 3 hours

Prepares students to add to the dynamic life of the church through hands-on experience with dramatic readings, readers theatre, short dramatic pieces and full-length plays. Involves creative prayer and introduction to resources for creative additions to worship or outreach. Useful for church leaders, pastors and teachers as well as actors and performers.

ThAr231 Sophomore Fine Arts Portfolio 1 hour

Offered to second-year students who enroll for two hours of studio credit in their major area of study and complete a sophomore recital. It is the culmination of four semesters of applied study and serves as an important benchmark for students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in theatre. This course guides the student through all aspects of staging theatre recital including goal-setting, repertoire selection, program note construction and marketing. Additionally, students will carry out integrative work, identifying connections between their artistic development (especially recital content) and other disciplines they have engaged at Hesston College. Students will reflect on the finished product and identify future goals. Sophomore standing and approval by the fine arts faculty is required. An Integration Source Course.