Course Descriptions: relg

Relg100 Biblical Literature 3 hours

Studies the story and basic themes of the literature of the Old and New Testaments in their historical contexts. Gives attention to the unique characteristics and principles for interpreting the various biblical literary genre. Builds skill in the inductive method of Bible study and interpretation by completing major inductive studies. Examines various approaches to interpretation. Surveys the development of the biblical canon. A reading and writing intensive course. A Faith Source Course.

Relg115 Exploring Ministry 3 hours

Designed to help students explore different aspects of ministry within the congregation. Looks specifically at worship planning and leading, Christian education, evangelism and small group ministry. Discusses changing cultural contexts that bring new challenges and opportunities in ministry. Students will go on field trips, interact with guest speakers and explore their own calling.

Relg121 Introduction to Youth Ministry 3 hours

An introduction to the theology, theory and practice of youth ministry in the congregation within the Anabaptist tradition. Special attention is given to worldview of youth culture and adolescent development. Includes person- and program-centered approaches and the theology they represent. Explores skills and resources for ministry.

Relg122 Missional Leadership 2 or 3 hours

Explores the theology and leadership strategies of missional congregations. Students will apply leadership principles to the adaptive challenge of helping congregations re-imagine church as mission. Specific skills include training on evangelism and discipleship. The class will help sutdents become competent in communicating the Gospel and in helping church bodies mobilize for reaching the needs of people they don’t know.

Relg123 Programming for Youth Ministry 3 hours

Focuses on program content, methods and resources for youth ministry. Emphases include discipleship training, outreach, service, worship, life planning, preparation for baptism and church membership. Offered alternate years.

Relg131 Faith and Discipleship 3 hours

Explores the question, “What does it mean to be a Christian?” Studies selected elements of Christian faith and life and their expression in various Christian traditions. Gives major attention to types of Christian spirituality and to spiritual disciplines including prayer, meditation, journaling, devotional Bible study, confession and forgiveness. A Responsibility Source Course.

Relg202 Biblical Studies: Psalms and Epistles 3 hours

Studies Psalms and a specific epistle. The class practices sound exegetical skills, learning how to read psalm and epistle genre. In the first half, students study the overall structure of psalms and their contribution to Israelite theology and worship. In the second half of the semester, the class surveys the Pauline epistles then practices exegetical skills with a selected New Testament epistle. Attention is given to the teaching, preaching and worship resources in each book. Students may enroll for a half semester with appropriate adjustment for one hour credit. Offered alternate years. Prerequisite: Relg 100 or consent of instructor.

Relg208 Biblical Studies: Prophets and Revelation 3 hours

Studies a prophetic book and Revelation. The class practices sound exegetical skills, learning how to read prophetic and apocalyptic genre. Students study how prophecy functions in Israel’s history and theology and read a text in its historical-cultural setting. Studies Revelation in its historical-cultural context in the second half. Attention is given to the teaching, preaching and worship resources in each book. Students may enroll for a half semester with appropriate adjustment for one hour credit. Offered alternate years. Prerequisite: Relg 100 or consent of instructor.

Relg214 Peacemaking and Justice 3 hours

Studies the biblical and theological foundations for nonviolence, peacemaking and justice. Examines historic and current positions and ethical method regarding participation in violence and war. Seeks to assist students to define their ethical method and commitment and equip them to dialog with others who differ. Prerequisite: Relg 100 and sophomore standing or permission of instructor. A Responsibility Source Course.

Relg215 Introduction to Theology 3 hours

Explores the recurring questions and basic convictions of the Christian faith from a biblical and Anabaptist perspective. By examining the notions of revelation, God, creation, Jesus Christ, salvation, the church and the last things, students will learn to think biblically, creatively and critically about their own theology and that of others. Offered alternate years.

Relg221 Worship and Celebration 2 or 3 hours

Studies and compares different forms of Christian worship and their biblical and historical foundations. Concentrates on the significance of worship and the process and resources for planning and leading worship. Students will observe, plan and lead a variety of worship experiences. Offered alternate years.

Relg222 Preaching 3 hours

A course in the foundations and practical skills of preaching. Through lectures, discussions, videos of outstanding preachers and preaching several kinds of sermons in class, students gain confidence and basic competence as preachers.

Relg224 Christian Education 2 or 3 hours

Affirms the purpose and importance of Christian education in the church. Explores the teaching ministry as spiritual formation. Students will examine methods, curriculum and program resources appropriate for the needs of various age groups. Equips students with understanding, skills and experience in teaching and providing leadership for the church’s Christian education ministry. Offered alternate years.

Relg228, 229 Youth Ministry Seminar I/II 1+1 hours

An integrative seminar that explores gifts and calling and personal and spiritual identity for ministry through group and individual meetings with the instructor. Includes observation, reflection and participation in youth ministries in various settings.

Relg260 Jesus and the Gospels 3 hours

Study of Jesus in the historical, salvation history and literary contexts, focusing on birth, life and teachings, death and resurrection as recorded in the gospels. Special attention is given to the Sermon on the Mount. Includes inductive essays and applications of Jesus’ teaching and modeling for the church and Christian life. Prerequisite: Relg 100 or consent of instructor. An Integration Source Course.