Course Descriptions: relg

Relg100 Biblical Literature 3 hours

Studies the story and basic themes of the literature of the Old and New Testaments in their historical contexts. Gives attention to the unique characteristics and principles for interpreting the various biblical literary genre. Builds skill in the inductive method of Bible study and interpretation by completing major inductive studies. Examines various approaches to interpretation. Surveys the development of the biblical canon. A reading and writing intensive course. Meets faith requirement.

Relg117 Spiritual Formation 2 hours

Creates awareness of how students have been shaped by personality, APEST orientation toward leadership, life experiences, intentional discipleship (disciplines + reflection) and how this orientation influences how they make disciples. Students will learn intentional disciplemaking process and will practice disciplemaking in their local setting.

DISCIPLEMAKER LEARNING COMMUNITY COURSES Relg 117, 118, 119, 218 and 219 are designed and intended for the Missional Leadership Certificate Program. While other students not in the certificate program may occasionally join in these classes, for most students, these courses serve to nurture a community of students who practice spiritual formation and disciple-making in community. This experience will serve as a model for similar disciple-making communities that students will lead in their own contexts.

Relg118 Call and Disciplemaking 2 hours

Cultivates an understanding of Spiritual Leadership and Spiritual Community for the purpose of recognizing the Spirit of God in their community and the abundance of God’s story as they work toward being disciplemakers. Prerequisite: RELG 117.

Relg119 Family Systems and Self Care 2 hours

Cultivates an awareness of how a person’s family of origin influences the patterns and interactions in all interpersonal relationships. Students will learn how to identify their own family system’s pattern as well as create an awareness of other system patterns. Students will gain an awareness of the pitfalls of ministry and how to practice self care. Prerequisite: RELG 118.

Relg121 Introduction to Youth Ministry 3 hours

An introduction to the theology, theory and practice of youth ministry in the congregation within the Anabaptist tradition. Special attention is given to worldview of youth culture and adolescent development. Includes person- and program-centered approaches and the theology they represent. Explores skills and resources for ministry.

Relg122 Missional Leadership 2 or 3 hours

Explores the theology and leadership strategies of missional congregations. Students will apply leadership principles to the adaptive challenge of helping congregations re-imagine church as mission. Specific skills include training on evangelism and discipleship. The class will help students become competent in communicating the Gospel and in helping church bodies mobilize for reaching the needs of people they don’t know.

Relg131 Faith and Discipleship 3 hours

Explores the question, “What does it mean to be a Christian?” Studies selected elements of Christian faith and life and their expression in various Christian traditions. Gives major attention to types of Christian spirituality and to spiritual disciplines including prayer, meditation, journaling, devotional Bible study, confession and forgiveness. A Responsibility general education course.

Relg136 Being and Doing 1 hour

Explores the paradox of being and doing as a spiritual person. Students will study and practice classical spiritual disciplines. While the spiritual disciplines will be chosen from the Christian tradition, all students willing to engage with the Holy are welcome and will find meaning in these practices. The class gives major attention to spiritual disciplines including prayer, meditation, journaling, devotional Bible study, confession and forgiveness.

Relg137 Experiencing God in Nature 1 hour

Offers students the chance to do the spiritual discipline of silence in a context of nature. It’s an experiential weekend that features prayer stations, a labyrinth, focused times of telling stories of faith, silence and a chance to be in nature. There will be 2 classes of orientation before the retreat and one class that debriefs the experience after the retreat.

Relg206 Non-Violence and Revelation 3 hours

Examines the core of Anabaptist theology, the Christocentric hermeneutic, and the difference it makes when interpreting the apocalyptic genre of the Book of Revelation. Attention will be given to the historical context of the book of Revelation, as well as competing worldviews, paradigms and values that have made the Book of Revelation a difficult book to engage across diverse Christian traditions.

Relg214 Peacemaking and Justice 3 hours

Studies the biblical and theological foundations for nonviolence, peacemaking and justice. Examines historic and current positions and ethical method regarding participation in violence and war. Seeks to assist students to define their ethical method and commitment and equip them to dialog with others who differ. Prerequisite: Relg 100 and sophomore standing or permission of instructor. A Responsibility general education course.

Relg218 Disciplemaker Learning Community IV 1 hour

Designed to create an environment in which students are empowered to lead and teach each other as disciple makers and church leaders.

Relg219 Disciplemaker Learning Community V 1 hour

Designed to create a reflective environment in which students discern together their next steps for leadership and ministry, as well as prepare for Supervised Ministry Experience.

Relg227 Practical Ministry 3 hours

Equips students with the unique communication skills that are necessary in congregational ministry including preaching and pastoral care. Students will develop their capacity to effectively communicate the loving hope and presence of Jesus Christ in a variety of congregational settings and roles. Students will create and preach sermons, evaluate other sermons, do verbatims and take pastoral care quizzes.

Relg260 Jesus and the Gospels 3 hours

Study of Jesus in the historical, salvation history and literary contexts, focusing on birth, life and teachings, death and resurrection as recorded in the gospels. Special attention is given to the Sermon on the Mount. Includes inductive work and applications of Jesus’ teaching and modeling for the church and Christian life. Prerequisite: RELG 100 or consent of instructor. An Integration general education course.