Course Descriptions: hist

Hist204 African-American History 3 hours

Traces the historical, cultural, political and economic forces that have shaped the African-American experience in the Americas, with special focus on the United States. A Responsibility Source Course.

Hist213 Anabaptist History and Thought 3 hours

Explores the Radical Reformation of the sixteenth century that produced Anabaptists and, eventually, Mennonites, Amish and Hutterites. Studies distinctive Anabaptist-Mennonite theology and practice in the context of the story. Theological themes include hermeneutics, nature of the church, discipleship, church and state, war, peacemaking and nonviolence. These themes will be compared with Roman Catholic, Lutheran and Swiss Reformed thought, as well as with current Mennonite practice. Prerequisite: Relg 100 and sophomore standing or instructor permission. A Responsibility Source Course.

Hist221 U.S. History I 3 hours

uilds a frame of reference for understanding the United States in its North American context, from the pre-Columbian era to Reconstruction. Regular readings, written reflections, films, class discussions and weekly discussion group interaction help students develop the skills of a competent historian and a balanced worldview that characterizes productive citizens of the global community. A Knowledge Source Course.

Hist222 U.S. History II 3 hours

Continues Hist 221. Covers the time period from 1865 to the present. A Knowledge Source Course.

Hist251 History of World Civilization I 3 hours

Explores seven eras of global history. Students are invited to encounter the cultures, traditions, politics, ideas, values and beliefs of various people groups from pre-history to 1500. A comparison of different societies and their cross-cultural interactions offers students an opportunity to consider their own place in the global human family. A Knowledge Source Course.

Hist252 History of World Civilization II 3 hours

Continues Hist 251. Covers the time periods since 1500. A Knowledge Source Course.