Course Descriptions: engr

Engr171 Introduction to Engineering 2 hours

Introduces the engineering profession and the various different disciplines in engineering. Emphasis on engineering design process and the use of mathematics in analyzing technical problems. Topics such as measurements, units, engineering economics, statics and electrical theory will be introduced. Engineering ethics and impact of engineering solutions on society and the environment is also covered.

Engr207 Engineering Graphics 3 hours

Provides a broad introduction to engineering graphics and computer-aided design (CAD). Topics Include: sketching in CAD, spatial relationships, geometric dimensioning, orthographic projections, dimensioning and tolerancing. Emphasis is placed on a thorough understanding of projection principles and the visualization of exact space conditions relevant to 3D modeling. The concept of 3D problem solving techniques using CAD is stressed.

Engr221 Statics 3 hours

Covers compositions and resolutions of force systems, centroids, moment of inertia. Applies the principles of statics to engineering problems including force analyses of simple structures. Prerequisites: MaSc 142 and Phys 203/213.

Engr222 Dynamics 3 hours

Kinematics and dynamics of the three-dimensional motion of particles; kinematics and dynamics of the plane motion of rigid bodies; methods of force/acceleration, work/energy and impulse/momentum; moving reference frames. Prerequisites: Engr 221 or consent of instructor.

Engr231 Circuits 4 hours

An introduction to linear circuit theory including analysis of AC and DC circuits contacting resistance, inductance and capacitance. This course also investigates network theorems, transformers and three-phase circuits. 3 hours of lecture, 1 hour of lab. Prerequisites: MaSc 142 and Phys 214 (or with consent of instructor).