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Course Descriptions: engr

Engr221 Statics 3 hours

Covers compositions and resolutions of force systems, centroids, moment of inertia. Applies the principles of statics to engineering problems including force analyses of simple structures. Prerequisites: MaSc 142 and Phys 203/213.

Engr222 Dynamics 3 hours

Kinematics and dynamics of the three-dimensional motion of particles; kinematics and dynamics of the plane motion of rigid bodies; methods of force/acceleration, work/energy and impulse/momentum; moving reference frames. Prerequisites: Engr 221 or consent of instructor.

Engr231 Circuits 4 hours

An introduction to linear circuit theory including analysis of AC and DC circuits contacting resistance, inductance and capacitance. This course also investigates network theorems, transformers and three-phase circuits. 3 hours of lecture, 1 hour of lab. Prerequisites: MaSc 142 and Phys 214 (or with consent of instructor).