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Course Descriptions: dmgt

DMgt105 Introduction to Disaster Response 3 hours

Introduces and explores the field of disaster management. Provides background for dealing in organized ways with disasters, victimization and economic losses from disasters. Examines how organizations serve communities and individuals from a service perspective.

DMgt110/120/210/220 MDS Culture I/II/III/IV 1+1+1+1 hours

Covers the history of Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS) and disaster response and recovery from the MDS perspective. Students develop an understanding of the many roles and aspects of planning and working on an MDS project site, including essential construction skills and the spiritual nature of MDS work. Students learn how to relate to other disaster relief agencies and to disaster survivors. Fee for MDS Culture IV.

DMgt175 Summer Field Experience 3 hours

Students spend eight weeks on a Mennonite Disaster Service project site during the summer following the first year of study and are introduced to all phases of project leadership including construction, cooking, office management and working with short-term and long-term volunteers, project directors, local community members and disaster survivors. Students gain an understanding of how an MDS site operates and how MDS works with the community in recovering from a disaster. Prerequisite: DMgt 105. An Integration Source Course.