Course Descriptions: PhSc

PhSc200 Principles of Physical Science 4 hours

A foundational course in the physical sciences, beginning with an introduction to the scientific method. This course surveys many topics in physical science such as matter and energy, measurement and classification, the laws of motion, aerodynamics, thermodynamics, atomic theory, plate tectonics, the solar system and cosmology. Weekly laboratory experiments are designed to illustrate and complement the content of the course as are regularly scheduled assignments. Three hours lecture, one two-hour lab. Closed to students with credit for PHSC 201 General Astronomy. A Knowledge general education course.

PhSc201 General Astronomy 4 hours

A laboratory course introducing the science of astronomy. Investigates current theories concerning the nature, history and state of the universe from the human perspective. Includes numerous laboratory exercises and experiments, utilizing the college’s reflecting telescope where appropriate. Mathematical proficiency is helpful. Closed to students with credit for PHSC 200. A Knowledge or Integration general education course.