Course Descriptions: PSY

Psy111 Performance Psychology 1 hour

Explores the topics of sports and performance psychology in a seminar format. Looks at participants, environments, groups, performance, health and well-being and psychological growth.

Psy200 General Psychology 3 hours

Explores how the discipline of psychology can illuminate the student’s own life. Examines the major theories of psychology through research and critical thinking exercises. Topics include the major theories of personality, the ways that biology affects psychological functioning, aspects of mental and emotional disorders and understanding the fundamental motives that drive people. This is an entry-level course for psychology majors and will meet the requirements for a social science credit for four-year programs. A Knowledge general education course.

Psy206 Developmental Psychology 3 hours

Provides an understanding of major theories in the field and encourages an appreciation of the impact of context and culture on human development. Examines the effect of biology and environment on the individual’s physical, mental, social, emotional and moral development through the stages of life. Required for nursing, education, psychology and early education students. Prerequisite: PSY 200.

Psy212 Positive Psychology 1 hour

Explores the topic of positive psychology, or what makes people healthy, in a seminar format. Examines classic theories, experiments and ideas of psychology in order to help students create a healthy philosophy of life and a better understanding of human complexity. Prerequsisites: PSY 200 and sophomore status or consent of instructor.

Psy320 Social Psychology 3 hours

Studies human behavior in its social context to reveal how one’s feelings and actions can be influenced by other people including peers, family members, strangers and mass media. Topics covered may include hate and violence, love and relationship and personal communication. Offered alternate years. Prerequisite: PSY 200.