Course Descriptions: Econ

Econ221 Principles of Macroeconomics 3 hours

Studies human behavior and choices as they relate to the entire economy. This course analyzes the economic “big picture” to help students understand how the economy functions on an aggregate level. A Knowledge general education course.

Econ222 Principles of Microeconomics 3 hours

Studies human behavior and choices as they relate to small, individual decisions such as choices made by single households, businesses or markets. This course analyzes the economic relationship between individual households and business firms. Prerequisite: ECON 221.

Econ261 Industrialization to Globalization 3 hours

Provides a lens for understanding the complex changes in modern society and its interconnectedness in the global economy through the close study of one specific good - a common T-shirt. This analysis will provide one glimpse into history, culture, business, economics, ethics and environmental science as students examine the birth and growth of a business industry from industrialization through the rise of globalization in the current world economy. Central topics include the economic growth of the textile industry in the United States and throughout the developing world, the use and misuse of labor in textile production, the environmental impact of industrialization and possible solutions for the future. Same as HUM 261.