Course Descriptions: ENGL

Engl100 Basic Writing 3 hours

Reviews basic grammar, with emphasis on composing focused paragraphs and essays, creating thesis statements and developing ideas with supporting details. Does not satisfy Hesston College writing requirement and may not transfer to a four-year school. Students are placed in this course with an ACT English score below 17 or an SAT Writing score below 400.

Engl103 ESL: Grammar 3 hours

Develops students’ understanding and usage of English grammar skills in the formal, written form. Theme-based assignments encompass many grammar components including compound and complex sentences, active and passive tense, verb tenses, comparative and superlative forms, modals and more.

Engl104 ESL: Integrated Language Arts 3 hours

Designed to facilitate increased college-level ESL students’ academic proficiency in English-language listening, speaking, reading, writing and cultural fluency through round-table discussion, research, detailed reading and analysis and the formation of logical and/or persuasive arguments in the form of academic essays and formal presentations.

Engl105 ESL: Advanced Listening/Speaking 3 hours

Focuses on learning strategies and language functions while maintaining a strong focus on both listening and speaking. Interactive listening activities based on short but realistic academic lectures and sample conversations provide comprehensive practice while a variety of “realistic world” speaking activities reinforce use in context of language function.

Engl112 Studies in Literature 3 hours

Introduces students to fiction, nonfiction, drama and poetry of a selected theme, period or country. Emphasis on nonwestern and western literature and on literature as a means of expressing and shaping gendered, cultural, racial and ethnic identity. A Knowledge Source Course.

Engl125 College Writing I 3 hours

Designed to help students improve writing and critical thinking skills necessary for college success. Students analyze, critique and respond to challenging texts in a variety of modes, including argument and research essays. A Skills Source Course.

Engl135 College Writing II 3 hours

Designed to help students improve reading, writing, research and critical thinking skills necessary for college success. Students analyze and critique challenging texts and write several analytical essays. Students work through the research process and complete a research project. Content areas selected by course professor and students. A Skills Source Course.

Engl212 World Literature 3 hours

Discusses the production, cultural context, and interpretation of literary texts from both the Eastern and Western hemispheres, focusing on the foundational relationships between identity, ethnicity, place and culture and paying special attention to human/textual relationships as they emerge out of empire, colonization and diasporic migration. World Literature also exposes students to a global vision of the human mind engaged in the universal art of storytelling. In addition to its extensive focus on mondern and contemporary literature, course also surveys literary classics from Ancient through the Early Modern periods. Class will review texts written by male and female, and Western and (predominantly) non-Western authors in genres including novels, poetry, prose, criticism and autobiography. A Knowledge or Responsibility Source Course.

Engl215 Introduction to Film 3 hours

Introduces students to film concepts and terminology, history, criticism and film as a medium of communication. Subjects of focus selected by course professor. Course involves required evening film screenings. A Knowledge Source Course.

Engl217 Literature of Race, Ethnicity and Gender 3 hours

Studies fiction, nonfiction, drama and/or poetry, primarily 1800-present, shaped by cultural and theoretical concerns related to race, ethnicity and gender. May focus on writings by authors of a particular race, ethnicity or gender, or on race, ethnicity and gender in relation to a particular theme. A Knowledge Source Course.

Engl220 Creative Writing 3 hours

A beginning course for developing a refined, audience-ready writing portfolio through the study and practice of poetry, fiction, nonfiction and screenplay. As an Integration course, Creative Writing will also ask students to inform their creative process and writing with cross-curricular background knowledge and personal interests. An Integration Source Course.

Engl225 Advanced College Writing 3 hours

Designed to help students hone advanced research, writing and revision skills and to develop a fuller understanding of writing across the disciplines. As the required training course for potential writing assistants (see Hesston College Writing Fellows Program), the course also focuses on improving skills involved in commenting on peers’ writing. A Skills Source Course.