Course Descriptions: Comm

Comm111 Publication Seminar - Newspaper 1 hour

Provides experience related to news reporting and production. Students create multimedia content for The Hesston College Horizon newspaper and/or The Journal of Writing and Art literary magazine. Positions include writing, editing, photography, business management and advertising design and layout. Course is repeatable for a maximum of two credit hours.

Comm115 Desktop Publications 3 hours

Same as BUCS 115. See course description listed under Business/Computer Science.

Comm125 Interpersonal Communication 3 hours

Introduces the theory and practice of interpersonal (dyadic) communication. Course content includes the influence of self concept, perception, culture, nonverbal behavior, emotions and conflict on interpersonal communication. Through journaling, group discussion, collaborative class projects and class presentations, students will develop greater understanding of, and expertise in, their interpersonal communication.

Comm128 Introduction to Digital Media 3 hours

Introduces the basics of media production with a variety of digital software tools and techniques. Students will work briefly creating web pages that will display their projects and then more in depth with projects with still images, digital audio and digital video done via Photoshop and Apple’s iLife suite of programs. Offered alternate years.

Comm151 Mass Communication and Society 3 hours

Examines the history, industry and controversy surrounding mass media, highlighting the ways in which those media shape culture. Emphasis is given to equipping students with the critical tools necessary to enable them to become informed consumers of mass media. Students will complete written and oral presentations, which will critically analyze different media messages. Offered alternate years.

Comm206 Speech Communication 3 hours

Teaches the fundamentals of inventing, planning, organizing, researching and delivering public presentations. Emphasis is placed on helping the student become a more competent, audience-centered, extemporaneous public speaker. A Communication general education course.

Comm241 Writing for Media 3 hours

Covers basic news writing techniques for a variety of media with an emphasis on Associated Press style. Includes a focus on journalism issues and ethics. Taught in a workshop format. Students will write news and feature stories for The Hesston College Horizon and/or The Journal of Writing and Art literary magazine. Offered alternate years.

Comm342 Strategic Communication 3 hours

Introduces the basic principles of persuasive communication. This course will help the student develop an understanding of how organizations create targeted, creative, research-based communication to accomplish their objectives.