Course Descriptions: BuCS

BuCS112 Introduction to Computers 2 hours

An overview for entry-level computer users covering selected computer terminology, file management and software applications. This hands-on course includes introductions to word processing, electronic spreadsheets, presentation software and other software.

BuCS114 Introduction to Accounting Software 1 hour

A hands-on course for computer users wishing to gain knowledge of accounting software. The course explores features of QuickBooks and Peachtree accounting software applications. This course will also reinforce a basic understanding of accounting terminology and the process of analyzing and recording business transactions. Prerequisite: BUAC 205 and consent of instructor.

BuCS115 Desktop Publications 3 hours

Same as Comm 115. A hands-on course focused on desktop publishing (DTP), which is the process of using a computer to communicate messages via the creation of effectively designed page layouts for books, newsletters, advertisements, menus, brochures, catalogs, PDFs, price lists, etc. DTP goes beyond word processing; it enables a company to create high-quality, modestly priced documents in house that utilize graphics, illustrations, borders, multi-column layout and a wide variety of type styles and sizes. The course will cover an understanding of a publication’s goal, its intended audience and venue; the understanding and application of basic design principles to give form and visual meaning to a publication (based on its purpose); and the understanding use of professional software for layout, design, creation and manipulation of graphics.

BuCS117 Computer Applications 3 hours

Helps students understand and utilize the advanced capabilities of typical software used in the workplace worldwide. Topics include file management, advanced word processing, intermediate/advanced features of spreadsheets, advanced presentations, beginning/intermediate features of publishing and databases and integration of software applications. For students with a working knowledge of word processing and spreadsheets.

BuCS123 Web Authoring and Publishing 3 hours

Introduces students to HTML5 (Hypertext Markup Language), CSS3 (Cascading Stylesheets), text and graphical editors and server- and client-side technologies. Students will be able to create web pages that contain text, graphics, links, tables, forms and scripts.

BuCS126 Networking Technologies 3 hours

Covers basic data communications and networking concepts including network models, protocols, operating systems, cabling and hardware; IP addressing and subnetting; switching and routing; wireless technologies; networking services; network administration and troubleshooting procedures.

BuCS138 Computer Programming I 3 hours

Focuses on structured programming techniques and introduces object-oriented programming. Topics include data types, calculations, control structures, arrays, classes, inheritance, input/output and files. This introductory programming course is taught using Alice and Java. Prerequisite: BUCS 112 or consent of instructor.

BuCS141 Computer Network Administration 3 hours

Provides the knowledge and skills necessary to perform installation, implementation, administration and troubleshooting tasks in a Microsoft Windows environment.

BuCS225 Website Design 3 hours

Includes discussion, demonstration and development of elementary web design techniques that incorporate HTML5, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Flash software. Assignment criteria emphasizes the development of aesthetics, critical thinking and beginning technical competence. The basic principles of graphic design are included together with technologies that effectively communicate with web viewers. Prerequisite: BUCS 123 or consent of instructor.

BuCS238 Computer Programming II 3 hours

Focuses on structured programming techniques and object-oriented programming. Topics for this second course in computer programming include software engineering principles, sorting and searching algorithms, dynamic variables and data structures. Prerequisite: BUCS 138 or consent of instructor.

BuCS325 Management Information Systems Thinking 3 hours

Presents essential information systems concepts and practices required to manage a modern organization. Focuses on how information systems are causing changes in the organization and the operations of businesses and how information systems can increase the competitiveness of a business.

BuCS430 Analytics and Digital Economy 3 hours

Introduces the student to analytical processes and how to use the results of these processes for informed, evidence-based decision making. Explores the use of analytics as a basis for creating value and establishing a competitive advantage from a management perspective.