Course Descriptions: BuAd

BuAd109 Exploring Business 3 hours

Provides a broad introduction to the various fields of business, including an overview of the business environment, entrepreneurship and business organization, management, marketing, accounting, finance and business ethics. This class is designed for entering business students as well as those exploring interest in the field of business.

BuAd112 Personal Finance 3 hours

A broad overview of personal financial planning, this course seeks to help students understand the fundamentals of financial planning so they can make informed choices related to spending, saving, borrowing and investing that lead to long-term financial security. Personal Finance provides students with many financial planning tools to help them identify and evaluate choices as well as understand the consequences of decisions in terms of opportunity costs. An Integration general education course.

BuAd218 Entrepreneurship 3 hours

In a step-by-step process, students will learn how to turn business ideas into opportunities by starting and operating a small business. This course is not a simulation. The business creation will be real as students work in groups of two or three to start and run their businesses. Upon completion of the business project, students will analyze their successes and failures and then decide what charitable organizations should receive the net profit from the operations of the business. Prerequisite: BUAD 109 or consent of instructor.

BuAd220 Management 3 hours

Explores the basic management functions of planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Emphasizes communication, decision-making, diversity, ethics, hiring, problem solving and teamwork. Other topics include self-assessment and career planning. Students are encouraged to explore their own management skills and styles. Course assignments apply classroom concepts to real situations. Prerequisite: sophomore standing or consent of instructor. A Responsibility general education course.

BuAd301 Professional Development I 1 hour

Introduces the student to personal and professional development in preparation for career placement and success. This course is the first in a series of four. Emphasizes self-awareness, navigating professional environments and networking, exploring professional organizations, developing ethical and cultural competency, understanding basic team development and facilitation skills.

BuAd302 Professional Development II 1 hour

Prepares the student for internship placement within an organization. This course is the second in a series of four. Examines resume writing, interview preparation, social media, proper dress codes and professional etiquette.

BuAd303 Professional Development III 1 hour

Assists the student in applying for internship placement and setting goals for the internship outcomes. This course is the third in a series of four. Examines necessary working skills such as work ethics, project and time management and steward leadership required for internship performance.

BuAd304 Professional Development IV 1 hour

Assists the student in transitioning from student to professional employee by establishing a path of continued career development following graduation. This course is the final in a series of four. Explores establishing a personal brand, conducting an effective job search and setting short-term and long-term career goals.

BuAD318 Entrepreneurship for the Greater Good 3 hours

Introduces the basic principles of entrepreneurship. Covers problem and opportunity assessment, acquiring the necessary resources to start and grow an enterprise, basic start-up processes and procedures and the tradeoffs between social and financial returns on investment.

BuAd320 Organizational Behavior and Human Resources 3 hours

Analyzes organizational behavior theories and how to apply them to current management trends and issues. Covers human resource management and ethics, how to motivate individuals, team dynamics, individual differences, leadership styles, organizational culture and diversity.

BuAd321 Organizational Leadership and Change Management 3 hours

Examines the methodologies and strategies for leading change and the counter forces leaders need to navigate to successfully drive change. Introduces various types of change that organizations face, how to evaluate and minimize resistance to change and strategies for overcoming change barriers.

BuAd322 Managing Conflict and Diversity in the Workplace 3 hours

Examines theories surrounding diversity at work, psychological processes, group dynamics and organization interventions to foster and manage complex, multi-diverse cultures. Focuses on exploring various strategies for managing, resolving and transforming conflict into positive outcomes.

BuAd330 Strategic Management 3 hours

Introduces the key concepts, principles and tools for strategy formulation and competitive analysis within organizations for all phases of business from start-up to expansion and exit.

BuAd340 Financial Management 3 hours

Introduces the student to the theory and practice of corporate financial management and how financial management techniques are applied in decision making. Focuses on corporate finance from the managerial point of view.

BuAd345 Principles of Marketing 3 hours

Introduces the basic principles of marketing and the application of various marketing practices including consumer behavior, market research and segmentation, feasibility analysis, promotion, distribution, pricing, strategies, social media and international marketing.

BuAd360 Ethical Leadership 3 hours

Examines leadership dilemmas that arise when a situation with conflicting value sets requires a decision within organizational and societal communities. Students will be presented with exercises and discussions to help them develop a personal model for ethical leadership.

BuAd361 Business Legal Environment 3 hours

Provides an overview of the various laws affecting the conduct of business. Covers an overview of the court system and legal procedures, contract law, labor and employment law, cyber law and business ethics and social responsibility among other topics.

BuAd421 Leading Diversity in Organizations 3 hours

Explores individual differences and group affiliations that create a diverse workforce. Focuses on methodologies that help leaders navigate workplace issues of diversity, equity and inclusion. Includes paradigms that limit inclusion and solutions that promote inclusive workplaces. Organizational Leadership elective.

BuAd422 Introduction to Organization Development 3 hours

Provides students with the full spectrum of organization development tools, methods, and theories which can be utilized to increase organization effectiveness. Students will learn the basic steps in a typical organization development process. Organizational Leadership elective.

BuAd423 Organization Group and Team Dynamics 3 hours

Examines principles of building highly effective teams by analyzing the variety of interrelated practices underlying group dynamics. Students will review the characteristics of teams and learn about basic team processes such as motivation, group cohesion and group roles. Organizational Leadership elective.

BuAd431 Production and Operations Management 3 hours

Examines production and service operation systems and their relationship with all other functions and activities within the organization. Includes operations strategy, process design, capacity planning, facilities location and design, forecasting, production scheduling, inventory control and project management. Production and Operations Management elective.

BuAd432 Quality Management 3 hours

Provides students with the knowledge and techniques required to improve product quality and how to apply these tools to generate improvement and desired results. Students will learn how to diagnose, reduce and eliminate causes of variation and to assist in process improvement, production control, production planning and decision making. Production and Operations Management elective.

BuAd433 Supply Chain and Logistics Management 3 hours

Provides an overview of supply chain management as a key business function that holistically integrates functions such as planning, purchasing, inventory control, transportation and warehousing. Production and Operations Management elective.

BuAd485 Internship 3 hours

Focuses on an immersive experiential learning opportunity within an organization related to the student’s chosen career path. Through direct observation, evaluation and hands-on learning, students gain practical experience. Prerequisite: Must be a declared major in Business, minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50 or department approval and completed all prerequisite courses.