Course Descriptions: BuAd

BuAd109 Exploring Business 3 hours

Provides a broad introduction to the various fields of business, including an overview of the business environment, entrepreneurship and business organization, management, marketing, accounting, finance and business ethics. This class is designed for entering business students as well as those exploring interest in the field of business.

BuAd112 Personal Finance 3 hours

Provides a comprehensive coverage of personal financial planning in the areas of money management, career planning, stewardship, taxes, consumer credit, housing and other consumer decisions, legal protection, insurance, investments, retirement and estate planning. Includes the fundamentals of financial planning so the student can make informed choices related to spending, saving, borrowing and investing that lead to long-term financial security. For business and non-business students. An Integration Source Course.

BuAd218 Entrepreneurship 3 hours

In a step-by-step process, students will learn how to turn business ideas into opportunities by starting and operating a small business. This course is not a simulation. The business creation will be real as students work in groups of two or three to start and run their businesses. Upon completion of the business project, students will analyze their successes and failures and then decide what charitable organizations should receive the net profit from the operations of the business. Prerequisite: BuAd 109 or consent of instructor.

BuAd220 Management 3 hours

Explores the basic management functions of planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Emphasizes communication, decision-making, diversity, ethics, hiring, problem solving and teamwork. Other topics include self-assessment and career planning. Students are encouraged to explore their own management skills and styles. Course assignments apply classroom concepts to real situations. Prerequisite: sophomore standing or consent of instructor. A Responsibility Source Course.