Course Descriptions: ART

Art100 Introduction to Design 3 hours

Examines the ideas needed to arrange materials into organized visual composition, the interrelationship of two dimensional visual elements and principles of organization. Applies design understanding to practical problems. Includes visits to professional designers. Makes use of computer and design software. Recommended for the general student, for art and graphic design students and for students interested in architecture.

Art101 Drawing I 3 hours

Develops fundamental drawing skills leading to mastery of graphic expression. Explores various media throughout the course and investigates creative compositional approaches toward the course’s end. Drawing as distinctive art form and basis for other art forms and enrichment for the beginner. Recommended for general as well as art students.

Art102 Ceramics I 3 hours

Introduces creative clay work, starting with foundational hand-building techniques and advancing to the potter’s wheel, concluding with an independent project utilizing these skills. Covers glazing and firing methods and introduces basic clay and glaze chemistry, bringing real-life technical context to the development of aesthetic sensitivity. Recommended for the general student interested in exploring new skills or hobbies and for child care, nursing and art students.

Art103 Photography I 3 hours

Emphasizes photography as a means of expression and reflection. Covers technical theory, camera use, elements of composition, digital workflow using Adobe Photoshop software, and digital printing. A limited number of DSLR cameras are available for rent, however, students who own their own cameras will have the best learning experience.

Art120 3-D Design 3 hours

Gives the student experience with spatial understanding and the relationships between positive and negative forms within space. Formal graphing of spatial relationships, reductive forming in solid foam, additive construction in clay and multimedia and collaborative projects will be emphasized. Previous drawing experience or a drawing course is recommended but not required.

Art121 Kinetic Art 3 hours

Explores balance and movement through the lens of human anatomy and yoga balance practice, using metals and wood to create three dimensional sculptures. Students will investigate bone and muscle structure and practice balance related yoga poses, to gain insight into how center of gravity and weight influence structure. This course will introduce students to craftsmanship and aesthetic decision making.

Art130 Art Appreciation 3 hours

Investigates culture and expressive media over the course of millennia to gain insight into connections and differences from many cultures and art traditions world wide. Through reading, research and hands-on experience, students will gain experience exploring several different media and cultures and creating their own works of art related to those. A Knowledge general education course.

Art200 Graphic Design I 3 hours

An introductory course concentrating on the fundamental issues of graphic design: structuring a message by establishing a visual hierarchy, applying compositional principles to typographic material and the creation and support of content with visual form. Conceptual work begins in analog media while final compositions are produced using industry standard Adobe Creative Suite software.

Art201 Drawing II 3 hours

More fully investigates the fundamental graphic skills developed in Drawing I. Emphasis is placed on drawing from the human form, experimenting with images and new media and developing strong visual compositions. Prerequisite: ART 101 or consent of instructor.

Art202 Ceramics II 3 hours

Focuses on advanced projects on the potter’s wheel and hand-building. Projects are assigned with individual expression in mind; students will achieve assignments in the technique of their choice. Many firing and finishing methods are available to explore and students are encouraged to stretch their skills in independent project assignments. Recommended for those in pursuit of an art degree or an opportunity to work in the ceramics field, those looking for a way to express themselves and those looking for a hobby or experience different from other classes. Prerequisite: ART 102 or consent of instructor.

Art206 Graphic Design II 3 hours

An application of the page composition principles developed during Graphic Design I to typical single- and multi-page design problems faced in design practice. Conceptual and design processes will be addressed from problem definition to production. Final projects will be realized using industry standard Adobe Creative Suite software. Prerequisite: ART 200.

Art210 Typography I 3 hours

Introduces the structure of the letter system and the forming of letters through extensive practice drawing letterforms. Lectures and reading cover historical development, classification and professional terminology.

Art215 Color Theory 3 hours

This course will survey the visual element of color; definition, effects and application.

Art231 Sophomore Fine Arts Portfolio 3 hours

Offered to second-year students who enroll for two hours of studio credit in their major area of study and complete a sophomore art show. It is the culmination of four semesters of applied study and serves as an important benchmark for students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in art. This course guides the student through all aspects of staging a sophomore art show including goal-setting, artifact selection, artist statements construction and marketing. Additionally, students will carry out integrative work, identifying connections between their artistic development (especially show content) and other disciplines they have engaged at Hesston College. Students will reflect on the finished product and identify future goals. Sophomore standing and approval by the fine arts faculty is required.

Art240 Typography II 3 hours

Focuses on the application of letterform drawing skills developed in Typography I to practical problems with work on individual graphic forms and symbols and letterforms in a series such as logotypes. Final work will be produced digitally using industry standard software with emphasis on gaining competency with the pen tool. Prerequisite: ART 210.