Course Descriptions: SPAN

Span101 Elementary Spanish I 4 hours

Conversational and cultural approach to learning Spanish. Includes the fundamentals of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Surveys contemporary Latin American and Spanish cultures and societies.

Span102 Elementary Spanish II 4 hours

Continued study and practice of conversational skills, reading and writing of Spanish. Further study of Spanish and Latin American cultures and societies. Elementary reading. Prerequisite: Span 101 or consent of instructor.

Span201 Intermediate Spanish I 3 hours

Thorough review of basic grammar and syntax with major emphasis on conversation. Includes practice in composition and selected readings in literature and culture. Prerequisite: Span 101 and 102 or consent of instructor.

Span202 Intermediate Spanish II 3 hours

Continued review of grammar and conversation with emphasis on conversation. Further vocabulary building, composition and readings in literature and culture. Prerequisite: Span 201 or consent of instructor.