Course Descriptions: Avia

Avia101 Introduction to Aviation 3 hours

Private pilot ground school covering required subject areas in preparation for the Private Pilot - Airplane written exam. This course may be taken separately or concurrently with Avia 103/104.

Avia103/104 Private Pilot I/II 3 + 1 hours

Includes a minimum of 40 hours of actual flight training. Introduces the student to the solo and cross-country phases of private pilot training. These courses, in conjunction with Avia 101, qualify the student for the FAA Private Pilot flight test. Prerequisite or concurrent enrollment: Avia 101.

Avia112 Air Traffic Basics I 3 hours

Provides an overview of the air traffic system from both the pilot and controller perspectives.

Avia113 Air Traffic Basics II 3 hours

Studies the general control procedures applied in the en route and terminal environments. Also discusses the role of Flight Service. Prerequisite: Avia 112.

Avia151 Commercial Ground School 3 hours

Prepares the student for the FAA Commercial Pilot written examination. Covers aerodynamics, flight instruments, weather, advanced flight operation techniques and Federal Aviation regulations. Prerequisite: Avia 101 or equivalent.

Avia211 Instrument Ground School 3 hours

Prepares the student for the FAA Instrument Rating Written Examination. Covers meteorology, aircraft systems, navigation and air traffic control. Prerequisite: Private Pilot License.

Avia212 Air Traffic Basics III 3 hours

Continues the study of principles of operation, air traffic rules, procedures, separation criteria and methods in the control tower environment. Prerequisite: Avia 113.

Avia213 Air Traffic Basics IV 3 hours

Focuses on separation criteria, speed control and other rules and procedures to apply separation standards in both the terminal radar and en route center environments. Prerequisite: Avia 212.

Avia220 Instrument Flight I 1 hour

Teaches precise airplane attitude control by instrument reference and radio navigation. Prerequisite: Private Pilot License.

Avia221 Instrument Flight II 2 hours

Teaches accurate instrument approach procedures, missed approaches and holding patterns. Introduces IFR cross-country procedures and increases student’s proficiency to the level required of a competent instrument pilot. Prerequisite or concurrent enrollment: Avia 211, 220.

Avia225 Mountain Flying 1 hour

Offers advanced training associated with the complexities of flying in the mountains. This training includes an extended cross-country flight into the Colorado Rockies. The student will become familiar with high altitude airports, high altitude operations and limited survival techniques. Prerequisite: Avia 221 and concurrent enrollment in Avia 230.

Avia230 Commercial Flight I 3 hours

The student is introduced to and practices maneuvers required for the commercial pilot flight test. Includes instruction and practice in a complex aircraft. Prerequisite: Avia 221.

Avia231 Commercial Flight II 2 hours

The student continues working toward proficiency in maneuvers required for the commercial pilot as well as proficient operation of a complex aircraft. Prerequisite: Avia 151, 230.

Avia232 Multiengine 1 hour

Covers aircraft systems and piloting skills required to operate a multiengine aircraft safely. Prerequisite or concurrent enrollment: Avia 231 or permission of instructor.

Avia235 Flight Instructor Ground School 4 hours

Prepares the commercial pilot to become a teacher. Covers information included in FAA Flight Instructor Airplane and Flight Instructor Airplane - Instrument tests as well as Advanced and Instrument Ground Instructor tests. Prerequisites: Avia 151 and 211 or equivalent.

Avia240 Flight Instructor Airplane 2 hours

Instruction in teaching techniques, maneuver analysis and performance and other subjects required to be a competent FAA Certificated Flight Instructor. Prerequisite or concurrent enrollment: Avia 231, 235.

Avia241 Flight Instructor Airplane - Instrument 1 hour

Instruction in teaching techniques and analysis and performance of maneuvers required for the FAA Certificated Instrument Flight Instructor. Prerequisite: Avia 231, 235.

Avia260 Airline Training Orientation Program (ATOP) 1 hour

Introduction to the Boeing 737/300. During this program conducted by ATOP, Inc., the student will receive:
10 hours of Systems and Flight Procedures Ground School
2 hours of Cockpit Procedures Training
1 hour of Simulator Flight Observation
1 hour of Simulator Flight
“High Altitude” Operations Training and Endorsement
Prerequisite: Private Pilot License and U.S. citizenship.

Avia270 Multiengine Instructor - Advanced 2 hours

Introduces the student to the multiple crew environment, Crew Resource Management (CRM) and Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) requirements. Prepares the student for instructing in a multiengine airplane. Upon completion, the student will take the Multiengine Instructor Practical Test. Prerequisite: Avia 232.